Cannabis Vape Vs. Gummies: How to Choose Between Them?

The main difference in the mode of consumption, cannabis vapes and gummies each have their pros and cons. It all melts down to your personal preference. 

The cannabis industry has seen a major overhaul in the last couple of years. Having become legalized in a growing number of states and countries, consumers are demanding safer and higher-quality cannabis products. Companies have started working on alternatives to conventional smoking products, including vapes and edibles.

Both of these alternatives have a unique consumer base. If you are considering switching  to vaping or cannabis gummies as an alternative to smoking, you must realize that no product is perfect. Each has its own pros and cons. So how do you choose?

To help you make this choice, we have compiled a comprehensive guide about the advantages and disadvantages of each product. 

Cannabis Vape Vs. Gummies: How to Choose Between Them? 

There are many ways to ingest cannabis, so it can be pretty challenging to choose which one is best for you. In online shops like Earthy Select, you can find cannabis as gummies, dry herbs, and so many other forms.

If you are struggling to choose between using cannabis in a vape or eating them as gummies, you need to know their advantages and disadvantages. However, it always comes down to your personal preferences.

Learning how both of these products work may help you decide which one suits you best. The edibles take longer to get into your system, and their effects are felt slower. However, once they start, edibles can have far longer effects than vapes. On the other hand, vapes quickly get into your bloodstream, and you feel the buzz within seconds.

So, if you are someone who wants that instant high feeling, then vapes are for you. This also means that you may want to use the product again after an hour or 2. 

Lastly, the environment you have around you may be a major factor in choosing which product to go with. For example, if you want to be discreet about your addictions, you won’t be able to smoke openly because of the smoke and scent. However, you can always discreetly eat some gummies without anyone ever knowing. 

How the Cannabis Gummies Work?

What are cannabis gummies? These are normal candy-like products infused with hemp-derived cannabinoids. These products are edible and can be chewed just like any normal gum. Some common hemp-derived cannabinoids include delta 8 THC, delta 9 THX, etc.

The Benefits of Using Gummies

Have you ever wondered how much easier gummies could make your life? We have compiled 5 advantages of gummies that you should keep in mind:

  • Easy to consume or use.
  • Easy to accurately measure dosage. You know how much you are consuming. 
  • Tastes great! It’s a delicious way to consume cannabis.
  • Multiple options are available with lots of possibilities. 
  • Inconspicuous to use.  

How do Cannabis Vapes Work?

Cannabis-based vapes are vaping devices that are filled with cannabinoid extracts or “juices”. While these juices may look like THC or CBD oil, these are mixed compounds that mostly consist of Cannabis-derived terpenes.

The vape turns this liquid into smoke, which, once inhaled, produces the effects. These devices provide an instant feeling of pleasure as nicotine is directly added to your bloodstream through your lungs. 

Vapes come in disposable and refillable packages. The ones with cartridges can be refilled, and need a separate battery attached to them. 

With vapes, the options are endless. With so many flavors available, you have plenty to discover. 

Benefits of Vapes

Now that you are aware of the advantages gummies offer you, let’s jump to how vapes can be best suited for you. 

  • Convenient to keep in possession.
  • Offers a consumption experience close to conventional smoking.
  • Instant nicotine buzz. 
  • A wide variety of flavors are available.
  • Available in both disposable and refillable packages.

Gummies Vs Vapes – Choosing a Winner!

Now that you have a basic background understanding of both products, let’s do a head-to-head between vapes and gummies to see which one suits you best. To make this easier, we have divided the comparison into 7 categories.

Onset of Effects 

This one goes to vapes! Vapes have a very fast onset of effects as they quickly diffuse into your bloodstream through your lungs. However, on the other hand, the gummies are much slower. They have to first go through the digestion process before they can enter your system. So, if you need a quick and easy buzz, vapes are the best option.

Duration of Effects

Do you prefer long-lasting cannabis effects? Although gummies have a slower onset of effects, they last much longer. Vapes immediately enter your bloodstream, and their effects vanish very quickly. In more technical terms, with vapes, the peak concentration in your body is reached faster compared to the gummies. 

Note: Effects of gummies can last for up to 6 hours.

The Ease of Use

If you are coming from conventional smoking, both gummies and vapes will feel more convenient for you to use. However, vapes do have an edge in being portable. You can put one in your pocket and take a buzz whenever or wherever you want.

Although you can also keep a packet or bottle of gummies with you, they are temperature-sensitive. This makes vapes much more convenient to use, although gummies aren’t far behind either. 

Taste – The Yummier the Better 

This is a clear tie! Again, taste is a very personal preference., but the fact that a large variety of flavors are available in both gummies and vapes makes it a clear tie. You have so much to choose from that you often end up getting overwhelmed. If you are new to gummies or vaping, with time and experience, you will find the flavor that best suits you. 

Discreetness – Shushhhhh!

Although both gummies and vapes are very discreet, you can be doing either one of these, and most people won’t even notice. However, it’s obvious why gummies would be more discreet. Vaping releases a smoke that stays visible for a while. 

So, you can do both vapes and gummies without anyone noticing, or being bothered by the smell. Gummies are the ultimate stealth! 

The Ease of Dosing

The dosing system is a little different for both products. With vapes, it is very easy to micro-dose on cannabis, you can just take smaller puffs.

On the other hand, with gummies, you have an accurate standard dosage. This means you can precisely know how many milligrams you are consuming. For example, at Earthy Select, our Delta-9 Sativa Gummies are 10 mg each.


Cost is one of the most fluctuating factors for cannabis products. As the prices differ between different regions and sellers, vapes offer more milligrams for the price. Let’s not ignore the fact that the consumption of a vape is also greater. This is primarily because the effects of vaping vanish quickly. 

Beyond the Conventional Gummies

With an ever-evolving market of cannabis, new research is being conducted throughout the globe. With the slow onset times of cannabis gummies, there is a new concept of “nanoformulation”. This is the process of making the cannabis particles in an edible so small that your body absorbs them faster than the normal particles. The time difference is huge. It cuts the effecting time to almost half. Most nano-formulated edibles will give you the buzz within 15-30 minutes of consumption.  

Final Words

Cannabis consumption is evolving faster than ever. In such circumstances, knowing which products best suit you is crucial. Vapes and gummies have changed how the world consumes cannabis. What used to be a very dangerous activity with a strong smell is now totally unnoticeable. 

Both vapes and gummies have their pros and cons. It just depends on the mode of consumption you are most comfortable with. If you don’t want a solid thing sitting in your mouth, ditch the gummies and invest in a vape. However, if smoke bothers you, gummies can be great for you. 


How long do edibles last?

With traditional edibles, the effects last for 6-8 hours. 

What’s the difference between inhaled and edible cannabis?

The way you consume cannabis decides the nature of the effects you will experience. When you inhale cannabis, it is absorbed into your blood through your lungs. Edible cannabis is first digested through your digestive system and then enters your bloodstream.

Can you take inhaled and edible cannabis at the same time?

Yes, there is no harm in that. You can put gum in your mouth and then vape. This way, you won’t have to wait for the gum to show its effect as you can enjoy the instant buzz from vaping. 

What’s the optimum dose for you?

There is no hard and fast rule with the optimum dose of cannabis. This depends on several factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, and health. However, your body weight has nothing to do with your cannabis consumption. 

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