{Updated} Udonis Haslem Family: Who Is His Wife? Also Check Complete Details On His Age, Kids, And Net Worth

This article on Udonis Haslem Family was written to give you brief information about Udonis.

Who is Udonis Haslem? Where is he from? Why is he suddenly popular on the internet? Why are people searching for him? Udonis has gone very popular in the United States, most people are searching for him around the world. Are you one of them? If yes, you have ended up at the right place. As all the information about him will be mentioned below. To get detailed information on   Udonis Haslem Family read this article with your full attention till the end.  

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Who is Udonis Haslem? 

Udonis Johneal Haslem who is known as Udonis Haslem is a retired professional basketball player. He played for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association. Udonis was born on June 9, 1980. He has been very fond of basketball for a long time. Udonis completed high school at Samuel Wolfson in Miami. He is currently 42 years old. His father was also a basketball player, so basically he comes from a sports background. He joined the NBA in 2002. He played basketball from 2002 to 2023. In all these years he has earned a lot of fame and money. 

Udonis Haslem’s Net Worth and more 

Udonis is a very well-known player. He is best known for his basketball skills all around the world. Unfortunately, he has retired now. The fans were not very happy after getting to know about his retirement. He has been in NBA for a very long time. He played his fin regular NBA game on Sunday. He has been a part of the NBA for 20 years, where he has won three Championships. Besides these, he was known as the multi-champion. He had a net worth of $20 million as of 2023. 

Udonis’s Family (Wife, Parents, and children) 

Many fans want to know about his personal life. Udonis was married to Faith Rein Haslem who was a sports broadcaster. He dated her for 14 years and then they both decided to get married. The couple has three sons as per the information. Besides the children, they have two brothers and three sisters. He was born to John and Debra. He married Faith on August 24 in 2013.  They both dated for many years while they were in college together.  

More about Udonis Haslem 

Udonis is tall and muscular. His Height is 2.01m. As read above he played his last game on Sunday where he scored 24 points which were very close to his highest score which was 28. His team members were very sad about his retirement. He was gifted a rocking chair. The chair was nicely decorated while it was presented to him. He played his last game with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Whereas it was an emotional day in Miami and for NBA. His Age was 42 when he retired. He was one of the oldest players in the NBA. The Miami fans will miss him as stated by them. 


Udonis was loved by all his fans and teammates. His retirement has caused a lot of sadness in Miami. His Kids and his family were sad as well. To know more about his retirement kindly click on this link

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Details On Udonis Haslem Kids – FAQs 

Q1. Who is Udonis Haslem? 

He is a well-known basketball player in Miami. 

Q2. Where is he from? 

He is from Miami. 

Q3. At what age did he retire? 


Q4. How many children does he have? 


Q5. What are the names of his children. 

Kedonis Haslem, Elijah Haslem, and Josiah Haslem. 

Q6. Does he have any siblings? 

He has two brothers and three sisters. 

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