Tylee and JJ Cause of Death: What Reason Does Their Autopsy Report State? How Did They Die?

Tylee and JJ Cause of Death, briefly explains the true incidents of the Lori Vallow killing case and its recent updates.

Do you love your mother? Will you do anything for your mother? But can you imagine a mother killing her children? It happened recently, and the story of a mom who killed her children has been made into a documentary. It has received an enormous response from the people of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. Here in this article, we will discuss the information about Tylee and JJ Cause Of Death.

What happened to them?

Tylee Ryan and Joshua Vallow were the children of Lori. Both the kids were murdered by their mother. The kids had been missing since September, and their bodies were recovered in Idaho. The place belongs to the kids’ father, Daybell. Tyler and JJ were seen enjoying their trip with their mother. 

After that, only the dead bodies of the children were seen. JJ’s body was taped and put inside the garbage bag, and Tylee’s body was burned. According to the evidence released during her trial, Lori was an ardent believer in the apocalypse. She thought her children would become zombies and those dark spirits would go out only during their death.

JJ and Tylee Autopsy Report

The couple, Lori Willow and Daybell, are charged with first-degree killing and are on death row, so the court hasn’t released the autopsy results yet. And the FBI tracked the messages of Lori and her husband so they could find the real culprit easily.

Both the children died in 2020, but recently their deaths have been trending on the internet because of the release of the Netflix series “Sins of Our Mother”. It is a series based on Lori’s true events and her methods of killing her kids. And three weeks before that, Netflix released its trailer. 

Children’s Death

People are more intrigued by How Did JJ and Tylee Die. But we couldn’t give the confirmed causes as the autopsy results were not published, but seeing the conditions of the death bodies of the kids we could’t assume that their death was because of an accident, it seems like there were killed brutally. Joshua, aged 7, and Taylor, aged 16, went to Yellowstone National Park along with Lori’s Brother. So family members filed a missing case with the police officers nearly a year after the police officers found their dead bodies, which were buried in the Daybells estate. The reason for killing their children is weird, and their belief in zombies and dark spirits seems heartbreaking.

Case Updates

Tylee and JJ Cause Of Death, is heart-breaking, but the police officials and judiciary have done their part, and the court has declared the death penalty for Lori. According to the judiciary reports, Lori and Daybell will be prosecuted in January 2023. Additionally, Lori has been related to the deaths of her ex-husband and Chad Daybell, the killing of his ex-wife. 


Lori’s real name was Lori Norene Cox. She has been married to five men and frequently changed her name. She doesn’t seem like a normal mom to her kids and has a third kid named Colby. Lori was so obsessed with the doomsday book. It might be the reason for Tylee and JJ Cause Of Death. Lori didn’t deserve to be called a “mom.” For more information regarding the case.

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