Toll Notice Scam {Sep 2022} Check Entire Details Now!

The news gathers information regarding the Toll Notice Scam and advises people to be safe and cautious. Keep reading further.

Did you receive a text message from a toll company asking you to clear your pending payments? Yes, you heard that right. Recently, people of Australia received a wave of text messages asking for their credit card information and other important details for the bill payment of a toll. We will provide the details in the Toll Notice Scam section about the mishaps that took place due to this scam

What is the news?

A few days ago, people received a message on their mobile phones about the pending payment regarding a Toll, for which they needed to settle the payment or receive a penalty notice. This made people very curious, and they started searching for the details when they discovered that it was nothing but a scam, and many people fell trapped in this scam.

Important points about Toll Notice Scam

  • The message comes with the link below, and it asks to press the link to move on to their payment page.
  • Some people also received notification about payment of approximately 6 dollars, which needed to be paid.
  • On clicking the link, the people automatically get redirected to a page which asks for their credit card information.
  • The Australian consumer commission reported receiving complaints regarding the same scam.

Details of Toll Notice Scam

The scam has made many people lose their money, and one of the victims who sent his full credit card information said that he also received authorization messages on his phone. He put the special code on the screen, which made him lose his money. The scammers are buying gift cards with credit card information, and not only he but many people become victims of this Toll Notice Scam.

People who want to know the complete details about the tools camp can read the information here .


It is necessary that people must take precaution before reacting to any suspicious messages. They must go through the complete details and find out if the messages are real or scams. Avoid clicking on links that are not based on anything relatable to your work is advisable. What are your views on this Toll Notice ScamComment below your experiences.

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