Thurston Waffles Death Of Cause – Who Is He: Is He Dead or Alive? What Happened To Him?

This article discusses the demise of a famous meme cat who was very viral on social media and what was the Thurston Waffles Death Of Cause.

Did you know about a cat named Thurston waffles? If not, then through this article, we will discuss the famous cat and get to know why Thurston is tending on social media platforms. Memes can be made on anything, and it gets viral on the internet, such as babies, pets or animals, funny dialogues etc. Thurston was trending Worldwide. 

Read the blog carefully further if you want to know more details about Thurston Waffles Death Of Cause and what was the effects of it. Follow the post for more information. 

What was the reason for Thurston passing away? 

Thurston waffles were viral on the internet for the meme made about them. It was a funny and entertaining cat which people love very much. The proud owner of Thurston was Shelli and Matt, and they informed on social media that Thurston had passed away. 

The reason was nasal cancer; he said that the treatment of his sinus infection led to the development of nasal cancer and eventually to his demise. 

Who Is Thurston Waffles Dead Or Alive?

Thurston was a meme cat famous for its funny antiques on social media. According to the statement of the keepers of the cat, Matt and Shelli Thurston is no more. 

While informing about Thurston, the owners got very emotional and said it was a heartbreaking experience for all of us, and thinking about how many people will miss him hurts all the more. 

They described more about his final days and said they tried to keep things as normal as possible and spent all the time playing with Thurston and his favorite lamps. 

Why is Thurston Waffles Death Of Cause getting viral on social media? 

The news of Thurston passing away has left people heartbroken. They were very much entertained by Thurston and constantly looking forward to his new meme. People find it hilarious. 

So Thurston’s news is no longer a big blow to his lovers and fans. Matt and Shelli further said that it was never their goal to make memes on Thurston or to make him famous.

Who were Thurston waffles? 

Thurston was an iconic cat on which many memes were made. The weird mooing sound he makes got a lot of attention from the people. People are curious about What Happened ?  

The owner of the cat says that he was very expressive about his feelings, and we had a perfect laugh while recording him. 

Note: All information contained in the article is based on internet research.

Final summary 

Matt and Shelli said there were so many cats and memes made on cats online, but Thurston has his unique place in people’s hearts and will have forever. Many admirers of it will miss him. You can check out the link given here for more details

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