The Tortured Poets Department Leak: Explore Full Information On Lyrics

The Tortured Poets Department Leak is the upcoming album of Taylor Swift that has been leaked before the release date. Know the details here.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Do you know about her upcoming album? Many people Worldwide have been waiting for the upcoming album of Taylor Swift after she announced about it in Grammy 2024.

 Taylor Swift is a well-known personality all around the world. She is famous for her melodious songs. Taylor Swift is trending on social media after her upcoming album got leaked. 

The tortured poet album of Taylor Swift that was going to release soon has been leaked before it’s release. In this article we will discuss all the details about her leaked album. 

The Tortured Poets Department Lyrics

Taylor Swift was about to release her latest album “The Tortured Poet” on 19 April but her album got leaked before date. The Tortured Poet is one of the most excited albums of Taylor Swift. She has announced about it in Grammy 2024.

 Since then her fans have been waiting eagerly for her album. Taylor has posted about the album on her social media account and updated her fans about it. Little does she know that her album was going to leak prior to the release date.

 The upcoming album of Taylor Swift “The Tortured Poet Department” has been leaked by someone on social media. The song started trending on twitter when several people found out the leaked song. The album has numerous songs but the full lyrics of all the songs are not available. The full song lyrics would be available once the song is originally released by Taylor Swift herself.

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The Tortured Poets Department Leaked

The tortured poet album got leaked online. The album was set to release on 19 April but it got leaked two days prior. As soon as the song was leaked, it started trending on twitter. 

The keywords such as TTPD, The Tortured Poet Department, TTPD leaked were trending on twitter when the song was leaked. Twitter banned the keywords so that no more searches appear on the platform and to stop the song to leak further as per sources. 

However, some users have posted a part of song in their tweet on twitter. Taylor Swift has not reacted anything on the leak of her song. However, her all of her songs are not leaked and some songs have been removed from the internet. 

It’s not the first time that her song got leaked before the releasing date. In 2014, her one of the popular album “1989” was also leaked before the releasing date. 

Reaction of Taylor on her leaked album 

Taylor Swift has not reacted anything on her leaked album yet. She has published updates about her upcoming album. There are no interviews of her leaked albums till now. 

However, all of her songs will release on 19 April. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift and excited about her album then you have to wait for one more day to listen the songs that will be released tomorrow. 

The fans of Taylor Swift who are known as Swifties are supporting her and flooded social media platforms against the tags that are posting fake audio links of Taylor Swift album.

Summing up The Tortured Poets Department Leak

The upcoming album of Taylor Swift has been leaked on internet. The twitter has banned the keywords with the name of her album as per sources. You can visit this link to learn about Tortured Poet.

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