Super Pollo Among Us Details: Explore More With Nuggets Among Us, And Nuggets Among Us Super Pollo

In Super Pollo Among Us, we will learn about the Among Us-themed chicken nugget and what is so special about it that people are talking about it.

Are you Among Us game lover? At the same time, do you like chicken nuggets? Why are we asking these two different questions where one relates to the game, and the other relates to taste?

Well, you might feel these differences but people across Chile found something similar between the two. Do you want to know what it is? Let us discuss what it is in our Super Pollo Among Us posts.

What is the news?

Among Us is a popular game and attracting the attention of people. The game is developed by Innersloth, an American game studio and inspired by Mafia, a party game.

But there is recent unusual news that chicken nugget themed Among us is sold at USD 99,997, making it the most expensive chicken nugget in the world. Yes! You heard the price correctly.

If you do not believe it, continue reading and know the speciality about it.

What is the reason behind Nuggets Among Us Super Pollo so expensive?

The simple reason it is that expensive is its shape, based on the theme of the Among Us game crew member. Indeed, the popularity of the game makes this nugget that costly.

Also, another reason it’s that expensive is that a world-famous chef prepares it. It is part of McDonald’s BTS Meal and Polinza, an eBay user, sold it for approximately $100,00.

Is the delivery made for this order?

Super Pollo Nuggets Among Us was part of McDonald’s and BTS special meal. In the initial days of the auction, it received $14,969. However, the news spread online after 183 bids, and it was sold for nearly $100,000. Surprisingly, the buyer’s identity has yet to be discovered and kept secret. 

The delivery was made frozen, then vacuumed and sealed to ensure freshness and preservation for longer.


Crazy things happen around this crazy world; what we saw today was just one example. If you were looking for Super Pollo Among Us, we hope you are now aware of it. You can read about this news in Guinness World Record 2023 book.

Did you know about this Among Us chicken nuggets news before? If so, do comment where you heard this news before.

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