Sun Run Results 2024: Check Details On Photos, Vancouver Pictures

This post on Sun Run Results 2024 will give you all the details on the result of the Sun Run event that took place last Sunday.

Do you know about Sun Run 2024? Are you excited about the result? Sun Run event that is owned by Run Vancouver Holdings ULC has recently launched it’s 2024 event result. The people from different parts like Canada, and United States had taken place in this event.

 The event involves road racing in the streets of Vancouver. After the result is declared by the Vancouver sun run several people are excited to know who topped the race. In this article we will discuss all the details about Sun Run results of 2024 street road race.

Sun Run Photos

Sun Run is an exciting road event that happens every year in Vancouver. The event takes place on third or fourth Sunday of April month each year.

 The event has been celebrated since 1985 in Vancouver. The 2024 Sun Run has held recently. Several people are curious to watch it’s photos and to know the result. The photos of Sun Run event will attached further in this article.

 The winner of Sun Run event 2024 is Thomas Fafard of Repentigny, Que. He completed the race in 28 minutes and 45 seconds. This is the minimum time in which the race was completed. The runner up of the event is Thomas Broatch who took 28 minutes 56 seconds to complete the road race. The difference between the winner and runner up was minute.

 The second runner up of this event is Wiley who completed the race in 29 minutes. In female category, the fastest woman who completed the race is Glynis Sim who took 32 minutes and 17 second to complete the race.

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Vancouver Sun Run Pictures

Vancouver Sun Run is a joyful event in which thousands of people take part. The event involves street race and the one who completes the race in minimum time becomes the winner. This year 45,517 people took part in the event. This was the highest number of participants after the event of 2014. 

Vancouver Sun Run Pictures
Vancouver Sun Run Pictures

A special appreciation to the wheelchair division has also been given. In the category of wheelchair division the race was won by Leo Sammarelli who completed the 10km race in 31 minutes 08 second. 

The second place in wheelchair division is secured by Balraj Partridge who took 38 minutes and 56 seconds. However, the people who could not participate in the 2024 event can wait for the event to happen next year. 

Overview of Sun Run

Sun Run is a race event which is primarily sponsored by Ford Canada. This is a road event which covers 10km long distance. The event takes place at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Sun Run is one of the largest road event in North America. 

The motive of the Sun Run event is the promotion of community spirit, fitness, health and to promote amateur atheletes. When the event took place in 1985 for the first time around 3700 participants took place in it.

 The number has reached from hindered to thousands. This year the Sun Run event took place on 21 April. This was the 40th anniversary of the Sun Run event. 

Summing up Sun Run event 

The Sun Run event 2024 is won by Thomas Fafard. The event was organised on 21 April 2024. The event will happen next in April 2025 on third or fourth Sunday of April. You can visit this link to learn about Sun Run event.

Disclaimer: We have gathered the information from different trusted source.

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