Skittles Banned California Reddit: What Is The Current Update? Find Latest Links Now!

In this post, we will discuss Skittles Banned California Reddit and why it was banned or could be banned.

Are you a candy lover? Do you love flavoured food? Do you also crave prepared fast food? If yes, have you ever read the ingredients used in any packed or processed food? If you never pay attention to the ingredients of packed foods, then from now onwards, please start reading the products’ ingredients at once.

This news may shock you if you do not habitually read the ingredients list. The government of the United States passed a law against a very popular candy to ban it. To know why the government is considering banning this candy, read Skittles Banned California Reddit post.

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Are Skittles banned in California?

No, Skittles are not yet banned in California or any other part of the country; but according to a new bill, it could be banned. According to the latest proposed bill in California, the government charged many bestselling candies either to change their recipes, or they have to stop their sales in California.

Why is Skittles Banned California Reddit trending?

According to the reports, In February, Jesse Gabriel (Assembly member) passed Assembly Bill 418. This bill restricts the Manufacturing, distribution, and sale of all processed food containing the top five chemicals that can cause cancer. 

These chemicals are a high health risk and linked to cancer. Of these five chemicals, one of the chemicals is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is listed as an ingredient of Skittles; therefore, many people think Skittles candies can also be banned. 

Why is Skittles Banned California Reddit trending

The ban on Skittles candies is not confirmed yet. However, the company can change its recipe also. 

Further information on Skittles Banned California Reddit

Based on the information, a lawsuit was filed against Skittles last July. According to this lawsuit, Skittles was unfit for human consumption. Earlier also, this lawsuit claimed that these candies contained titanium dioxide, but later in November, this lawsuit was dismissed. 

The parent company of Skittles ensured that they would phase out all the harmful chemicals from the candies in 2016. But, the company didn’t return SFGATE’s request for this particular comment. 

If you want to learn more about the company, lawsuit and ban on Skittles, we have shared the social media links below in this post. Kindly let me know from there. 

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Skittles could be banned in California because they contain titanium dioxide. According to the lawsuit, any processed food containing this chemical either has to change its recipe or would be banned. 

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Skittles Banned California Reddit– FAQs

Q1. Which is the parent company of Skittles?  

Ans. Mars Inc. is the parent company of Skittles.

Q2. Can Skittles still sell its products in California?

Ans. They are selling, but as soon as we know more about this issue, we will let you know. 

Q3. Are Skittles already banned in some countries?

Ans. No, it is not banned in any country. 

Q4. What is the bill which could ban Skittles in California?

Ans. It is bill AB418, which restricts some chemicals in food. 

Q5. What is the chemical that is banned under the AB418 bill?

Ans. Those chemicals are red dye 3, brominated vegetable oil, titanium dioxide, propylparaben, and potassium bromate. 

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