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Have you heard about Miss Universe Marisol Malaret? Do you love to watch the Miss Universe show? Do you know how old Marisol Malaret was? Do you want to see the reason behind Marisol Malaret’s death?  Marisol Malaret was the first diva representing Puerto Rico at Miss Universe. 

She was also famous for her personality, warm demeanor and crafting work. Fans of Marisol Malaret in the United States of America have been searching the web to find detailed facts about Marisol Malaret Cause of Death

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The reason behind Marisol Malaret’s death:

Marisol Malaret died on 18th march 2023. She was a 73-year-old lady. According to the sources we came to know, the medical team did not disclose the reason behind her death. If we find any information, we will update it from this website.

Rumors already spread that she might have lost her life due to the Covid 19; her death has impacted the Pageant community and her fans, who think of her as an icon.

Biography of Marisol Malaret:

Marisol Malaret Ramos is a Puerto Rican beauty queen crowned Miss Universe in 1970. She was born on October 13, 1949, in San Juan. Before winning the Miss Universe title, she had already won the Miss Puerto Rico Universe 1970 title.

Her win was a source of great pride for Puerto Ricans and helped elevate the island’s profile on the global stage. After her reign as Miss Universe, Malaret became a successful television personality in Puerto Rico. She also became a philanthropist and has been involved in various charitable causes. 

Net worth of Marisol Malaret:

Sources claim Marisol Malaret’s net worth crossed over 5 million dollars. No information on annual salary is not available in any public domain. 

Marisol Malaret’s Boyfriend

Before marrying Virgilio, Marisol had a romantic relationship with Puerto Rican actor, singer, and producer José Juan “Johnny” Lozada. Due to some reason, they both split up, and they both walk in their way.

Marisol Malaret Husband:

Marisol married three times in her life; her first husband was a model, Butch James; after her split up, she then engaged to a musician named Corky Strowman. After spending a few years, they had a few fights, and they finally split.

Later she married Frank Cue and spent the rest of her life with her; Marisol and Franks also gave birth to their daughter, Sasha. No other information about her daughter is currently unavailable in the public domain. 

Marisol Malaret Wikipedia list:

Original Name

Marisol Malaret Ramos
D.O.B October 13, 1949
Age 73
Place of birth San Juan
Education N/A
Profession Model, Actress
Zodiac sign Libra
Net Worth 1 to 5 Million
Parents N/A
Husband Frank Cue
Daughter Name Sasha

1.73 m

Social Media Links:

No other platform has uploaded any information about Marisol Malaret till now.


Marisol Malaret was a Puerto Rican who won the Miss Universe title in 1970; recently, on 18th march 2023, Marisol lost her life. The medical team does not share the reason behind her death, but rumours said she died due to covid.

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Marisol Malaret Cause of Death: FAQs

Q1. Who many children do Marisol Malaret have?

Only one daughter is named Sasha.

Q2. What is the salary of Miss universe?


Q3. How many years does Miss Universe get a salary?

For 2 years.

Q4. Where did Marisol Malaret live before her death?

San Juan.

Q5. Was Marisol Malaret ill before she died?

No details found.

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