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What happened to Marcelo Corazza? Who is Marcelo Corazza? Want to know about Marcelo Corazza’s Wikipedia? Where is Marcelo Corazza now? Why is he arrested? What crime did Marcelo Corazza commit? 

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Know about Marcelo Wiki news!

Marcelo Corazza, the former winner of the Big Brother reality show and the producer for the show, is currently arrested. He is involved in minor corruption, human trafficking, and wrongful abuse. After his arrest, people are curious to know about Marcelo Corazza’s wiki details. We have mentioned the suitable social media links below.

Marcelo Corazza Video!

Marcelo Corazza is detained for his wrongdoings on Monday morning. Marcelo Corazza also shared some words with the Big Brother audience present before the night of his arrest. A Journalist named Juani Fernandez shared video clips of his speech from the Big Brother show.

In the video, Marcelo Corazza, as witnessed, is standing in the studio’s center stage. He told the audience that the contestants had reached the finals. He further requested everyone to forget about everything on social media. Also, said cheer and support the ones whom the audience wants to see win.

Marcelo Corazza Instagram Details!

After the arrest of Marcelo Corazza, people are searching for his social media profiles, including Marcelo Corazza Ig’s details. We have provided his official Instagram profile link in the social media links section below.

What happened to Marcelo Corazza?

Marcelo Corazza, the first winner of the Big Brother show and the producer, is allegedly involved in some wrongful acts. The producer is now arrested for Minor’s corruption, human trafficking and abuse.

Big Brother further shared a video clip of Santiago del Moro from the show on Twitter. The video explains the situation of Marcelo Corazza.

Marcelo Corazza Wikipedia

We have mentioned his available biography in the below table.


Real Name Marcelo Corazza.
Profession Actor, Producer.
Date Of Birth 17/04/1971.
Birth Place Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Partner Name Not Available.
Marital Status Not Known.
Zodiac .Aries.
Age 52 years.
Net Worth

$500,000 (as of 2022).

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After the investigation, a popular reality show producer, Marcelo Corazza, is arrested for Minor’s corruption and many more wrongful acts. 

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Marcelo Corazza Wikipedia: FAQs

Q1. Where is Marcelo Corazza?

AHe is arrested for now.

Q2. What did Marcelo Corazza do?

He is found involved in Minor’s corruption and other wrongful acts.

Q3. When did Police arrested Marcelo Corazza?

AThe police arrest him on the 20th of March morning.

Q4. What is the current scenario of Marcelo Corazza’s case?

Currently, he is arrested, and the media didn’t release further details of the case.

Q5. What did the police department say about Marcelo Corazza’s arrest?

The police officials didn’t release any statements yet.

Q6. What does Marcelo Corazza’s video show?

In the video, he told the Big Brother audience to remove all hate and support their desired participants.

Q7. Who confirmed Marcelo Corazza’s arrest?

Rodrigo Alegre confirmed his arrest on air.

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