{Video Link} Silchar Bike Rider Girl Viral Video And Photos: Is It On Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

The article discusses the Silchar Bike Rider Girl Viral Video And Photos and details if the video is available on InstagramYoutubeTelegram, or Twitter.

Are you here to know the reality behind the viral video of a famous biker girl from Assam, India? Mkuttu is among the female bikers who have earned fame and a name with her talent. However, she is currently the scanner of the netizens for her Silchar Bike Rider Girl Viral Video And Photos. The biker girl who rose to fame in 2021 through her videos and reels on social media in 2021 found herself in a frenzy of controversies surrounding her posts.

Thus, we will explore this article in depth, the truth behind the video, and provide readers with other information.

Fact Check: What is Silchar Bike Rider Girl Viral Video And Photos

Fact Check What is Silchar Bike Rider Girl Viral Video And Photos

Before we head on to detailing what the news is about, we must have sufficient knowledge of the individual the entire scandal surrounds. Mkuttu is the biker girl who is covered in the whole article. Most of her video content revolves around her city and showcases the distinctive beauty of Assam in India.

In addition, through the video, she showcases the cultural diversity and landscapes that add to the intriguing element of the video. The video, however, spread like wildlife across Twitter and other social media platforms. We aim to get to the depth of the content and understand if there is any truth to it.

Hence, we went on to perform in-depth research on the various aspects of the news and try to uncover its truth. So, if you want to reach the depth of the news, stay till the end of the article.

What is Silchar Girl Bike Stunt Name?

The Silchar bike girl has created a storm on the internet. Her viral video has reached various social media channels, which has brought her under the radar. As per sources, the footage first leaked on May 17, 2021. Many people across social media sites shared these. In addition, the video was also shared on multiple websites within months.

Mkuttu instantly became the center of discussion, wherein her fans debated the authenticity of the footage. However, when the video was uploaded, Mkuttu was not on Instagram. Besides, even now, the video is unavailable anywhere on the photo-sharing site.

What does the video include?

The video includes two clips. According to sources, it is a one-minute and 22-second clip of 2.34 MB. The video is believed to have included some explicit content and showcases the influencer in a bad light.

Since the video was shared widely across social media, Mkuttu uploaded an apology video on Youtube. She is wearing a pink coloured T-Shirt paired with black pants. The influencer is seen apologizing with folded hands to remove the footage.

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What do her videos include?

Mkuttu is renowned as a famous biker girl. She usually shares many dancing videos on her social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram channels. Besides, her videos showcase the beautiful district of Assam. She has many followers, over 65K, on her channel.

After her apology, the video was instantly deleted from the social media channels. However, there is yet to be confirmation of whether the content is original or was manipulated.

Is the video available on Telegram?

Is the video available on Telegram

As per sources, the video includes a male shooting the biker’s private video from proximity. The video is 22 seconds long and shows an intimate moment between the two. We also looked for the video to see if it was available on other sites.

We researched if the footage is anywhere on another content-sharing platform. So we checked on Telegram. But, the influencer does not have an account in the channel. There are plenty of videos available on video-sharing channels. However, there was only one group where the grown-up video of the influencer was shared. But later, the clip was also removed from the groups.

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Final Conclusion

This article has tried to cover many details related to the Silchar Bike Rider Girl Viral Video and Photos. However, the videos were removed from the social media channels after the influencer shared an apology video on the internet. We request that users research before sharing content online and understand whether the video is authentic. What is your idea of the apology video, click here.

Do you have any thoughts related to the article? Please share your inputs in the box below.

Disclaimer: This content is solely for information purposes. We have not included any links or videos related to the scandal.

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