[Latest Video Link] Gungun Gupta Mms: Check Her Biography, Age, Instagram, Viral Video!

Learn more about Gungun Gupta Mms. and how her viral video got leaked on Instagram. In addition to her biography and age, details are discussed.

Are you the person who used to follow the famous internet celebrity, Gungun Gupta? Then, have you seen the Gungun Gupta Mms, which is trending in India currently?

Gungun has now been under scandal for releasing her explicit video online; thus, many controversies are being raised daily. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the viral MS and the background story of it in an elaborative manner.

What is Gungun Gupta Mms all about?

Gungun Gupta is a famous social media influencer who has amassed around 5.8 million followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, she managed to get around millions of followers on TikTok as well. Thus, her fame and popularity are at their peak. But currently, her private leak has been released on the internet, causing lots of controversy. In the Gungun Gupta Viral Video, Gungun didn’t wear her undergarments, exposing her private area, and doing the self-love activities that have been recorded. It seems like Gungun was video calling someone. That private message is now available on some Telegram and Reddit channels. Some telegram channels posted the original, uncensored version of the leaked video. Even now, they haven’t been removed from their channel.

Gungun Gupta Viral Video

Gungun video has been hitting all corners of the world, and it is still available in high quality on the Telegram channel. When we see the scenes of the viral video; Gungun wore a sleeveless top, she didn’t wear any undergarments, she revealed her private area in the video, and then she started to massage her intimate area in the video itself. These whole scenes have been recorded. But there needs to be more information on who released the video.

Gungun Gupta Biography

Since the release of the viral video, the biography of Gungun Gupta has been trending. Let us see her biographical details. She is a social media influencer who used to post about modelling, fashion, and short videos. Currently, she has 5.8 million followers on Instagram, 30 million followers on TikTok, and 3 million followers on YouTube. Gungun is from Mumbai, India, and she has completed her Bcom commerce degree recently. From the Gungun Gupta Biography, we can see that she has a brother and sister as siblings. She started her career as a small influencer on TikTok, and she captured people’s attention with her cute expressions and dressing styles.

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Gungun Gupta Age

Gungun is 22 as of 2023 because she was born on March 19, 2001, in Mumbai. She is a famous social media star, so she used to celebrate her birthday lavishly. In addition to that, we can also see her birthday photos on her social media accounts. Gungun Gupta Age is just Twenty-two years, but at this early age, Gungun is undergoing the most significant controversies of her life. Everyone has their private life, but when it comes to public life, it will tarnish the person’s image.

Gungun Gupta Instagram

Gungun’s Instagram account name is gungungupta137, and she joined Instagram in 2020 from an Indian domain. Within three years, she has gathered 5.8 million followers. Till now, she has posted 201 posts. Most of the posts reached millions of likes and reaches.

Social media links

Instagram: Gungun Gupta (@gungungupta137) • Instagram photos and videos


Thus, upon the release of the private video of Gungun, most of her fans are supporting her, while some other people are sharing their criticism as well. Presently, we couldn’t see any Gungun Gupta Instagram updates regarding this issue. Gungun is staying silent from her side. We hope she will make a wiser decision.

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Disclaimer: This article deals with the leaked private video of a famous influencer, but we don’t mean to endorse it.

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