{Video Link} Ronaldo Valdez Viral Video And Photos: Find Details On Cctv Footage

Ronaldo Valdez Viral Video And Photos says on the photos and CCTV footage Video that is spreading virally.

What do you know about Ronaldo Valdez? When did he pass away? What was Ronaldo’s age? What sort of photos of Ronaldo are spreading on social media? People from the Philippines and the United States are stating their views after watching the photos of Ronaldo. Know more about the Ronaldo Valdez Viral Video And Photos by reading the article below.

Ronaldo Valdez Viral Video And Photos 

Internet search teams discovered late Filipino star Ronaldo Valdez lifeless in a chair during this disturbing scene captured on camera. Much criticism has been generated by the video, which violates the victim’s dignity and confidentiality.

When did Ronald died?

Sunday, December 17, 2023, identified the death of 76-year-old veteran Filipino star Ronaldo Valdez. The actor’s driver, Angelito Oclarit, discovered Ronaldo unconscious in his home on Sunday. The exact reason for death was not stated in the original reports, according to the online sources. Ronaldo Valdez CCTV footage video created a sensation in social media.

When did Ronald died

What was the reason for the death?

The actor reportedly died from a shot that he self-inflicted, per Phil Star Global, which the Quezon City Police District mentioned. Rumours about the cause of the actor’s unexpected death grew. The deceased actor was discovered in a sitting position with a gun in his hands, according to the authorities.

Ronaldo Valdez Viral Video And Photos  

Nevertheless, the release of leaked bodycam footage that shows the moment officers found an unconscious Valdez in his chair has angered people online even though they haven’t yet determined the official cause of death.

How did Roanld appear?

The actor from the Philippines was found by the cops with a gun in his hand as seated on a chair next to his bed, as shown in the footage. Later, the deceased actor’s body was moved from the seat to a stretcher and then transported down.

How did Roanld appear

Ronaldo Valdez Cctv Footage Video

Authorities have not yet responded to inquiries about the origin of the leak, but a number of social media users have criticised those who have shared the video. Claiming that it breaches the deceased’s privacy and breaks the respect of his mourning family.

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Who is investigating the death of Ronald?

The actor’s death is being thoroughly investigated, according to the Quezon City Police District. QCPD head BGen Redrico Maranan reportedly stated in a statement to Phil Star Global that Valdez was discovered in a chair at his house with bullet wounds to both of his temples. Ronaldo Valdez Viral Video And Photos are spreading online. 

Were the official reports made public?

When the actor’s driver, Angelito Oclarit, discovered his death on Sunday, he was allegedly carrying a revolver in one hand. Since the gun was discovered inside the house, officials said that other residents conducted forensic and radiological testing as part of routine police procedures. The outcomes have not yet been made public.

About the family of Ronald

The children, Janno and Melissa Gibbs, as well as their mom, Maria Fe Gibbs, survive Mr. Ronaldo Valdez. Not only is it insulting to the late star to share these clips, but it also causes additional distress for the bereaved family. Ronaldo Valdez Viral Video And Photos made the family feel uncomfortable.

People should avoid spreading such news and share the pics of Ronald. He is a great actor and is no more now. It was not a pleasure to share such pictures in their absence. People should report on the persons who share those posts on any of the online platforms. Ronaldo Valdez CCTV Footage Video Created great sensation.

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The pictures were trending in social media, and it is not fair to share such pics since the person lost his life. We do not promote any illegal pictures on the page.


As per online sources, Ronaldo passed away on Sunday December 17, 2023. Leaked bodycam footage showing the actor Ronaldo’s body in his house has triggered a debate over violations of privacy on the internet. Concerns over online users going beyond the order. Know more about Ronald online.

What do you think of Ronald’s footage that is spreading online? Mention your thoughts in the comment box below.

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