{Video Link} Ronaldo Valdez Wife Death: Who Is Marife Gibbs? Check His Net Worth 2023!

Here, we unmask the truth behind Ronaldo Valdez Wife Death and realize the existence of Marife Gibbs and her husband’s Net Worth 2023.  

Is Ronaldo Valdez’s wife dead? Ronaldo’s fans were already shocked by the passing of their favorite Philippine actor, and some sources informed him about the passing of his spouse. This news knocked out people from the Philippines, Canada, the United States, and many other regions.

Many discussions on social networks revealed many speculations and concerns from Ronaldo’s fans. However, an official confirmation must be there to confirm the passing of dignified personalities or families of prominent celebrities. So, flip through the facts enclosed in this post and know if the news of Ronaldo Valdez Wife Death is trustworthy or a rumor.

Ronaldo Valdez Wife Death:

Every online reader who knew Ronaldo Valdez was more grieved when some online sources shared about the passing of Ronaldo’s wife. Many readers searched for the reason behind Marife Gibbs, Ronaldo’s wife’s demise.

The news of Ronaldo Valdez Wife Death that ignited social media and flooded with grievance messages is untrue. Ronaldo’s wife still exists and is in a healthy condition, yet highly grieved for the sudden passing of his husband.

Ronaldo Valdez Wife Death

What was speculated about Ronaldo Valdez Wife Marife Gibbs?

Many online sources speculated about Marife Gibb’s demise, yet it was untrue. After the passing of Ronaldo Valdez, Marife Gibbs or the late actor’s acquaintances requested not dispersing the final moments leaked online. It might have confused some sources, and they initiated speculation about the passing of Marife Gibbs.

No additional detail about Marife Gibbs is available, only that she was the spouse of the late actor Ronaldo Valdez, who died on December 17, 2023.

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How did Marfie Gibbs husband die?

Marife Gibb’s husband was Ronaldo Valdez, a Philippine actor, who unexpectedly died on December 17, 2023. After the news of his passing, some sources spread about the passing of Ronaldo Valdez Wife, Marife Gibbs.

The Quezon City Police District recently confirmed that Ronaldo died by committing suicide. A team of investigators reached Ronaldo’s residence, tried to rescue him from the gunshot wounds, and shifted him to a medicinal facility. The medical team could not save him from the gunshot wound, and he passed away, leaving his wife and children in sorrow and grief.

About Ronaldo’s wife:

  • Real name- Maria Fe Illagen Gibbs
  • Popularly called- Marife Gibbs
  • Spouse- Late Philippine actor Ronaldo Valdez
  • Daughter- Melissa
  • Son- Late Janno Ronaldo Illegan Gibbs

About Ronaldo’s wife

Ronaldo Valdez Net Worth 2023: 

Late Filipino actor Ronaldo Valdez’s estimated annual income was 5 million US Dollars. His key income source was his acting career, which lasted approximately fifty years. He initiated his acting career in the late 70s after actor Dolphy recognized him as an actor and comedian.

His famous movies include Ang Munting Paraiso, Mula sa Puso, Seven Sundays Labs Kita… Okey Ka Lang, Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan, Los Bastardos, All You Need is Pag-ibig, and The Mistress. His last screen appearance was in a hit television series, KathNiel-starrer 2 Good 2 Be True. His acting career resulted in a tremendous Ronaldo Valdez Net Worth 2023.

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The passing of Ronaldo Valdez’s wife spread through some online sources is incorrect. The late actor’s death led to speculations surrounding his wife’s demise. Visit us soon as we may disclose more facts about Ronaldo Valdez Wife Deathnews.

Did you believe in the news of Marife’s passing? Share your reaction to the rumors of Marife’s demise. 

Disclaimer- We do not advertise rumors; instead, we clarify the facts associated with the fake news and rumors.

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