DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video: Why Is He Trending On Social Media? Check Details Here Now!

This article provides information on the DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video and tells the readers about the facts behind the video.

Do you want to know where to find the DJ Brownskin’s wife’s death video? The death of the wife of famous DJ Brownskin is making headlines on social media platforms Worldwide, and everyone is looking for the facts related to her death.

If you are looking for the same and want to know about DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video, then read the article. 


What happened to DJ Brownskin’s wife?

DJ Brownskin’s wife, Njeri, died on July 30, 2022, as seen in her last video in which she is mixing something in her drink. Before consuming the drink, she told Brownskin to care for their children.

It seems like she took her own life by consuming the mixture, and soon the effects are visible on her body. 

DJ Brownskin Trending Video

The video of Njeri is trending on the internet Worldwide, and everyone is furious, knowing that DJ Brownskin is recording the whole scenario of his wife consuming the poison. Njeri’s video is disturbing for many users and shouldn’t be watched by the young audience as it contains some inappropriate activity.

The children ran to the room and discovered that their mother was lying on the ground and saliva was coming from her mouth.

Did the police take any action?

Since the DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video went viral, the netizens pressured the police to investigate Njeri’s death. However, there is no news about the police investigation of the case as it happened last year. 

Many tweets show that Kenyan fans are unhappy with the video and angry with DJ Brownskin for recording the scene instead of stopping his wife. 

Where’s the video available?

The links to the DJ Brownskin wife video are available on different websites. It is not sure whether the DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video is available on social media platforms.

However, some of the pages on Reddit and Twitter got the link of the video and posted them on their accounts.  

Who is DJ Brownskin?

DJ Brownskin is a famous DJ from Kenya known as MC Wololo, which means music troubles. DJ Brownskin has collaborated with different artists during his career, like Mc Mido, Mc Kartella, and Mr. T. 

He was married to Sharon Njeri Mwangi, the daughter of Albert Mwangi Irungu and Irene Monica Mumbi Mwaura. The DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video, i.e., Njeri’s last video, makes her trending on the internet, and everyone starts questioning DJ Brownskin for the incident. 

Njeri’s last words were about her children and asking Brownskin to care for them. Click Here 

Social media links- 

Final Words 

DJ Brownskin’s wife’s last video makes everyone question his integrity and character as a husband. Every fan is unhappy and disturbed knowing the whole truth behind the video.

What are your views on the viral video? Please comment below.

DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video– FAQs

1: When was the video recorded?

A: The video was recorded minutes before Njeri’s death.

2: What was Njeri’s final word in the video?

A: She told Brownskin to look out for the children.

3: Should children watch the video?

A: No, it contains disturbing elements which are not good for young minds.

4: Did police charge DJ Brownskin on DJ Brownskin Wife Death Video?

A: No information is available?

A: Who recorded the video?

A: DJ Brownskin.

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