Improving access to beautiful, healthy teeth

The maintenance and preservation of an individual’s teeth are not only essential to their physical wellbeing, but can also play a major role in keeping levels of emotional wellbeing in a balanced and healthy state. With the internet breaking down borders between countries in terms of access to dental hygiene knowledge and practices, there really is very little excuse for people not to have access to at the very least the most basic of dental care.

So whether you are after consulting for Invisalign in Birmingham or Bangalore, the level of knowledge, care an expertise that an individual should expect is the same. 

Globalisation of the dental care industry

There has been a real democratization in the dissemination of dental techniques and procedures, which means that often people can seek the same high level of service and support for less money by going abroad. For example, the exponential rise in ‘Turkey teeth’ is indicative of the demand for dental services in Turkey, which has capitalized by creating a dental tourist injury offering the same treatments for often half the price as in more affluent Western countries.

There is no diminishing of standards, the work carried out is still to the highest expectations and the after care is second to none, but potential clients are urged to be extra vigilant when choosing a clinic. Like an industry, cowboys exist where opportunities arise. 

Signs of a rogue dentist

As well as choosing on the recommendations of friends and families who have already sought out dental treatment, the following are signs that you need to watch out for, as they could be indicative of a rogue dentist.

  • Putting the pressure on for urgent treatment: the only time you need urgent treatment is when you are in such intense pain that you can no longer go about your daily business.  The minute a dentist unnecessarily puts the pressure on, walk away. 
  • Diagnosing procedures outside of your insurance policy: if you are covered by insurance, make sure your dentist suddenly adding on additional treatments that are not covered, or not needed. They could simply be looking to bolster their income.
  • Check the viability of your deal: if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. 
  • Be clear and defined about the treatment you are getting: sitting in that dentist’s chair, you are actually in a very vulnerable position. Be hyper clear about the treatment you are having.

Consumer awareness and demand for aesthetic dentistry

Start searching for dental implant, teeth whitening and straightening, Turkey teeth, and before long your search history and social media will be full of clinics from all over the world offering a dazzling array of dental procedures. 

If you are UK based, the lamentable demise of NHS dentistry has led to a private industry which is beyond the pockets of most normal working people. As a result, thousands travel abroad every year to receive the kind of treatment that used to be available for free. In places like Turkey, Bulgaria and Poland, dentist treatments are considerably more affordable than back in the UK, yet the disparity in the cost of living, inflation levels and exchange rates ensure that you could more filling for your pound than if you had stayed in the UK.

However, the levels and quality of professionalism are not compromised provided you choose a dental clinic that is verified and reputable.

No replacement for good oral hygiene

Ultimately, there is no replacement for practicing good oral hygiene twice a day, and stilling this same routine on your children. Making sure you brush and floss every single day will ultimately save you thousands in repairs in the future, no matter where you live. 

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