Raytheon Director Killed: Where Did Plane Crash Happen? Check Facts Now!

The below article contains all the essential information regarding the Raytheon Director Killed as well as shares the cause of his death.

Do you have any information about Jeff Lumpkin? Do you know he is no more? Have you read about what occurred to him unexpectedly? Did you know he and his wife died? If not, you have come to the proper place. 

This post will contain the most recent information regarding this sudden happening. People from all over the United States wanted to know what happened to Jeff that caused his death. If you are looking for similar information, please read this post-Raytheon Director Killed.

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Cause Of Raytheon Director’s Death 

According to reliable sources, Raytheon Director Jeff Lumpkin died in a plane crash. According to reports, four individuals died in a plane Raytheon Director Plane Crash managed by Jeff Lumpkin, Raytheon Director. 

The two couples had flown to Florida in a private plane for a lunch party with friends. They died when they returned. According to reports, all the people were killed because the plane piloted by Jeff Lumpkin ran out of fuel.

Raytheon Director Wiki

Name Jeff Lumpkin 
Age 64 years
Maternal Status  Married
Death date 5th April 2023
Wife Name Patty Lumpkin 
Profession  Raytheon Director 
Horoscope  Not found 
Children Not found 
Net Worth  Not found 

Details About Raytheon Director Killed Incident

Raytheon’s Director, his wife, and another couple had travelled to Florida beach to visit their friends on Wednesday. Jeff Lumpkin and his spouse, Patty Lumpkin, with Rick Beaver and his spouse Bethe are the couples’ names. They had a great time with their friends there. 

One can view their uploaded photos on social networking platforms like reddit and twitter. When they chose to return, their plane crashed near Venice Fishing Beach in Indiana. They were all killed immediately. Jeff and his wife’s bodies were discovered on Wednesday, and the second couple’s bodies were discovered on Thursday.

People’s Reaction to This News Raytheon Director Killed

Everyone feels depressed after learning about the tragic deaths of four persons. Raytheon Director’s friends have expressed sadness on his social media account in response to this news. Many people have shared their thoughts on Reddit.

Investigation Details Regarding This News 

According to investigators, the jet crashed due to a lack of fuel. It was also reported in the news that the Raytheon Director may have flown the plane at night, making it challenging him to see anything, which might have led to the plane crash and the couples’ deaths. 

However, the exact reason is not made known to the public yet regarding Raytheon Director Killed.

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Jeff Lumpkin, Director of Raytheon, was killed in a plane crash. According to reports, four persons were killed in this incident. People are expressing their sorrow regarding the news on social media sites. An investigation is going on regarding this happening. 

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Raytheon Director Killed FAQs

Q1. What is the age of four persons killed in a plane crash?

Jeff Lumpkin is 64 years, Patty Lumpkin is 68, Rick Beaver is 60, and Bethe is 57.

Q2. Who was flying the plane?

Jeff Lumpkin, Raytheon Director.

Q3. Is there any video clip for this incident?


Q4. What is Raytheon Director Jeff Lumpkin’s nationality?


Q5. Where can one see their photos of Florida Island?

On Twitter.

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