Brooke Schofield Boyfriend: Who Is He? What Is His Age? check All Details Now!

Today’s article shares information associated with Brooke Schofield Boyfriend to let audiences learn about the relationship of a social media influencer.

Is Brooke currently dating someone? Are there any connections with Clinton Kane or someone else? Who is Brooke’s recent boyfriend? Fans and followers of Brook from Canadathe United States, and other global areas are currently searching for her relationship.

Brooke Schofield, who always made headlines by posting enticing images and footage, was currently the town’s talk about her relationship. Scroll down and find the details about Brooke Schofield Boyfriend through this post. 



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Does Brooke Schofield have a boyfriend?

Brooke Schofield is currently not dating anyone and is single as of now. She was previously in a relationship twice, and her boyfriends were Josh Grekin and Derek Smith.

The rising Instagram sensation, content creator, actress, and TikToker, Brooke Schofield is most recognized for starring in the hit films Sinker, Dust, and Leave Him in the Dust and Hook. After appearing in Tana Mongeau’s YouTube video, Brooke gained greater online recognition.

Who Is Joe Brooke Schofield?

Online sensation Brooke Schofield is from the United States of America. Brooke was born in California on November 26, 1997. She gained fame for making music videos on TikTok. The celebrities she rated are Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, and many more experts in the video.

Who Is Joe Brooke Schofield

Why is Brooke Schofield talked about on social networks?

Brooke’s romantic history intrigues fans, and recently, there have been rumors that Brooke might be seeing Kane Clinton. However, Brooke Schofield and Clinton Kane have not confirmed whether the rumors are true. Brooke has more than 168k followers on Instagram and has uploaded videos to her YouTube channel for the last year, including her pets, beauty, luxuries, etc.

Discovering more about the beautiful influencer with many fans and followers on the internet is fascinating. Many individuals are currently focusing on Brooke, not only due to any incidents that occurred in the past, but to know about Brooke Schofield Boyfriend.

Why was Brooke Schofield associated with Clinton Kane?

There have been rumors in 2022 that Clinton Kane and Brooke Schofield are dating. It all began once viewers noted that Schofield was sporting an identical T-shirt in one of Brooke’s clips on YouTube, and Clinton Kane was doing the same in Joshua Tree.

About the personality of Brooke Schofield:

Brooke completed her high school studies in 2015 at Corona Del Sol High and later joined the University of Arizona. 

Quick Wiki of Brooke Schofield:

  • Real name- Joe Brooke Schofield
  • Date of birth- November 26, 1997
  • Place of birth- California, U.S.A
  • Brooke Schofield Age 25 years
  • Zodiac- Sagittarius
  • Rank- 4162
  • Weight- 57 kg
  • Eye color- Blue
  • Hair color- Brunette
  • Height- 5 feet 4 inches
  • Previous relationships- Two

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Brooke Schofield, best known for her movies and social media posts, was recently searching for her current boyfriend. However, all those are rumors since Brooke Schofield is not associated with anyone. 

Did you see any of Brooke Schofield’s movies? Comment below about the relationships you know about the actress and social media influencer.

Brooke Schofield Boyfriend: FAQs

Q1. What is the profession of Brooke Schofield?

Brooke Schofield is an actress and social media influencer.

Q2. Is Brooke Schofield currently in a relationship?


Q3. Did Brook Schofield ever marry?

Brooke Schofield is single.

Q4. Who were Brooke Schofield’s previous boyfriends?

Josh Grekin and Derek Smith

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