Know About Rannita Williams Autopsy Report- Who Was Her Brother? Is Her Killer Exposed? Check Her Link With Jonathan Robinson And Her Facebook Page!

This post shares details about Rannita Williams Autopsy Report to let her followers and friends know the reason behind the killing of a woman.

What had been the cause of Rannita’s death? What did the Autopsy report reveal? Many of Rannita’s known ones and friends in the United States and certain other regions want to know the reason behind her death.

But, let’s find out what is in Rannita Williams Autopsy Report through this post. Rannita, who had been in off-and-on connection with Johnathan, reportedly died in 2018, and several speculations were made.

What was the incident faced by Rannita?

The 27 years old Rannita Williams was killed by her ex-boyfriend Robinson Johnathan while the deceased was streaming live on social media, Facebook. According to William’s autopsy report, Rannita was killed with a semi-automatic weapon in the torso, knee, and upper body. She passed away before she was perhaps carried to the hospital.

Johnathan was dating a Texas female while he attacked Rannita’s home and imprisoned her while Rannita Williams Brother fled for help. Jonathan has a criminal history that includes armed theft, domestic violence, and other offenses, and he is also charged with hitting his ex-girlfriends.

Did Johnathan do Rannita’s homicide?

On April 12, 2018, Johnathan broke into her house and abducted her, but her brother was able to run away and call the police. Johnathan could be seen coming and going from the camera while enraged and frightening Rannita was exposed on the live broadcast apologizing.

The police were called after the shots were fired, and the leading official showed up at the location at around 10:53 a.m.

Rannita Williams Killer:

Rannita William’s killer was none other than Johnathan Williams, her ex-boyfriend. Before the event, Rannita had been in an “out and in” affair with Johnathan for two years. A few off-camera photos taken by Jonathan of the cops who had encircled the property were audible intermittently during the Webcast.

Johnathan stopped photographing Rannita after she pleaded with him to stop. He fired fire on the officers outside after an almost eighty-minute confrontation before being captured. The shootout also resulted in the injury of a police official. Rannita was unfortunately delayed in going to the hospital until Johnathan was apprehended. Jonathan Robinson And Rannita Williams dated for about five years.

Was the true story revealed?

The 27-year-old mother of three from Louisiana, Shreveport, named Rannita Williams, was killed. Her passing shocked many because she appeared to be moving past her open relationship.

The tragic story of Rannita, who was fatally shot at her home while having her last breaths captured on camera, has been made public due to an inquiry and autopsy report. Also, explore more about Rannita Williams here.


Rannita Williams was shot dead at her residence in 2018 at 27 when the deceased was streaming on Rannita Williams Facebook Page. Her autopsy report revealed many injuries made by Johnathan Robinson, who is serving imprisonment in Louisiana jail.

Are you satisfied with the justice given to Rannita Williams? Share your thoughts about Rannita Williams’ incident in the comment section.

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