Ramesh Kaushik Viral Video Link: Is It On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube

Ramesh Kaushik Viral Video Link has brought the MP into the limelight. The video is viral on social platforms, showcasing Ramesh Kaushik Leaked Video

Ramesh Kaushik is part of a political party and is all set to contest for elections from his presidency. The MP has witnessed himself embroiled in a controversy related to a video that is currently viral on social media.

Herein, Ramesh Kaushik Viral Video Link has been shared by netizens on various social media channels. As per sources, the video showcases the MP involved in objectionable activities with a woman.

This video has gone viral in India, Australia, the United States and Georgia.

The video, which netizens shared on the internet, is 7 minutes and 35 seconds long. This article will elaborate more about the MP and the reason for the controversy.

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Ramesh Kaushik Viral Video Link: What is the Controversy?

Ramesh Kaushik is an MP from Sonipat. According to sources and investigation, the video was released on 02 October 2023. It became viral on social media and was also shared by TV news channels.

As soon as the video surfaced on the internet and TV channels, it instantly turned viral. It has also attracted the attention of netizens, who are seen discussing the video on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Ramesh Kaushik Viral Video Link What is the Controversy
Ramesh Kaushik Viral Video Link What is the Controversy

Who is Ramesh Kaushik: YouTube Video and Scandal

Ramesh Kaushik, currently under the spotlight for a video scandal, is an MP for Lok Sabha. He is all set to contest elections for the Lok Sabha constituency from Sonipat in Haryana. According to research, he also won the Indian general elections from his constituency in 2014.

The MP began his political career in 1991 as part of the Haryana Vikas Party. He again stood from his constituency in 1996 and 2005. He is once again set to stand for the upcoming general elections from his presidency.

Who is Ramesh Kaushik YouTube Video and Scandal
Who is Ramesh Kaushik YouTube Video and Scandal

Is the Video Available on Instagram?

The video link that brought the MP into the limelight showcases him indulging in objectifying positions with a woman. 

According to the woman’s statement, she was called to the room on the pretext of a job. The video is 30 seconds long, and there is a conversation between them. The video links are viral on Telegram and also shared on Tiktok.

Netizens were extremely shocked to view such a video when it surfaced on the internet. Various discussions are happening surrounding the controversy.

People are participating in various discussions on Reddit and Twitter to determine the reality of the video. There are claims that the video was generated using AI tools to tarnish the politician’s image.

On the other hand, some channels have removed the video considering its explicit nature and being reported by the public. It is yet to be proven if Ramesh Kaushik Leaked Video is real or fake.

Disclaimer: All The information in this article based on online sources.

Is the video on Youtube real or Manipulative?

Based on the footage, the MP was questioned regarding its reality. According to his statement, it is released to defame him. He denies his claims of being in the video.

Is the video on Youtube real or Manipulative
Is the video on Youtube real or Manipulative

However, the investigation is still ongoing. Please note that all the information listed here is taken from sources. We hold no claim to any detail. To know more, click this link

The viral footage has impacted the MP’s image, and it remains to be seen whether the video is authentic or manipulated. We will share further information only when we receive an update from the sources.

However, until now, there has been no confirmation that the video is of Ramesh Kaushik or that it is original or fake.

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