[Full Original Video] Raine Burdette Video: Who Is Raine Burdette? Check What Is In The Scandal Video From Twitter

This post on Raine Burdette Video will guide the readers on the viral video of Raine Burdette. Kindly get all the updates here.

Have you seen the latest viral video of Raine Burdette? If you do not know this personality, then we must tell you that she is a well-known social media influencer and a TikToker in Thailand and the Philippines. Currently, Raine Burdette Video has upset many of her fans and she suffered repercussions after this video went viral. Today, we will share everything about this video and what had Raine Burdette done. 

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DISCLAIMER: We do not aim to target anyone in this post. Neither we support racism or any other discrimination against anyone based on caste, color, religion, gender, etc. Everyone is equal in our opinion. Also, all the facts are acquired from online websites. Our motive is to give up-to-date facts based on the keywords trending online. 

Raine Burdette Twitter Updates! 

According to online sources, there are two different videos of Raine Burdette that were posted on the social media handle. In the first viral video, Raine Burdette can be seen making some racist remarks while she was in a car and shooting a video with her group. People did not like the video and backlashed her. She even released a public apology, but fans did not keep quiet and started unfollowing her. 

On the other hand, there is another video that went viral on social media sites. It was a sensitive video of Raine Burdette. As per the online details on Raine Burdette Scandal, this video cannot be shared with the readers as it contains 18 plus content. You can find the link to this video on other social media platforms. 

Raine Burdette: Who Is She? 

Raine Burdette is a social media influencer and a TikTok star having more than three million followers on TikTok. She is popular for her humorous content and dance videos. Moreover, we cannot reach her official Instagram account. We will update the readers if her official Instagram account will be available. Some online sites revealed that she is 22 years old and she hails from Georgia. Although after Raine Burdette Video went viral, she suffered backlash and hatred from her fans. 

Many of her fans have unfollowed her after she made racist remarks. However, she issued a public apology after this matter was opened on every social media platform.


Summing up this post, we have shared all valuable updates on the controversy on Raine Burdette. You can read the complete facts here. Also, her viral explicit video made her a trend on social media platforms. But, we cannot share the link to either of the viral videos.

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Raine Burdette Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Raine Burdette? 

Ans. Raine Burdette is a TikTok star and a social media influencer who is famous for lipsync videos and dance videos. 

Q2. How old is Raine Burdette? 

Ans. As per online sites, Raine Burdette is 22 years old.

Q3. From where does Raine Burdette hail? 

Ans. An online site revealed that she hails from Georgia. 

Q4. Which video of Raine Burdette went viral? 

Ans. There are two different videos of Raine Burdette that went viral. In the first video, Raine Burdette can be seen making racist comments. While in another Raine Burdette Video, her explicit scenes went viral.

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