{Video Link} Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal: Is It On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube,Twitter

Our research on Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal will help you to understand the life facts, Age, and Instagram page of Adrian Dagdag. 

Who is Prince Adrian Dagdag? Why is he popular nowadays? In the recent news updates, this name began trending because of Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal in the Philippines, the United States, and other regions of the world. This viral video has been a center of attraction for many people and they started searching for the source and the reason behind the incident shown in the viral footage. In this post, we will let you know about the incident here. So, please read this post.

About Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal

As per the online sources, footage of Prince Adrian Dagdag who is a popular Filipino entrepreneur started trending on many social media sites. It is not an explicit footage that has garnered much attention from the people. Moreover, in this video, he can be seen engaged in an altercation and the video went viral on different social media like Instagram. People started trending this footage and searched for the cause of this viral video. You can find various videos of this altercation on different social media. The incident occurred on January 2, 2024, and the next day the video started trending. 

Prince Adrian Dagdag Age

Prince Adrian Dagdag is a popular TikTok personality and entrepreneur. He was born on October 16, 1999, and he earned a popular status as a popular Filipino social media star. According to his birth year, his age is 25 years old. This Tiktok star has been loved for his skills and looks. His videos are liked by many people and this helped him gain a large fan following. Before he became famous, he was listed in Man’s Beauty Pageant and his name was Lakan Ning SNC.

Prince Adrian Dagdag Age

Tiktok Fame: Prince Adrian Dagdag! 

Prince Adrian Dagdag started getting fame on social media platforms after he was featured in a beauty pageant of men in 2020. He started his TikTok channel and gained a lot of publicity on it. 

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Instagram Page of Prince Adrian Dagdag! 

As per our research, we learned that Prince Adrian has a good fan following on IG. He is followed by around 213K followers and shared various posts from his life. His pictures revealed that he lives a lavish life. 

Twitter Updates on Prince Adrian Dagdag! 

According to the research, we have seen that a hashtag started trending on social media platforms. This hashtag was PrinceAdrianControversy and it gained traction on January 3, 2024. People who are regular users of Twitter started sharing the videos and reacted to them. It is the video of an altercation in which Adrian can be seen fighting with another person in the famous nightclub known as Manila Nightclub. 

Twitter Updates on Prince Adrian Dagdag

Is the altercation video present on Youtube

The video started circulating on different social media. Moreover, the altercation video is not present on the YT channels. We have found the account of Prince Adrian Dagdag on YouTube and it was revealed that his Youtube channel is about to hit 500K subscribers soon. He has shared blogs from his daily life and people love to watch his videos on his social media channel. 

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Is the fight video present on Telegram

You can find various channels that have shared the viral video of Prince Adrian on social media. If you are unable to find the video on social media, the other option is to find the video on Telegram channels. The platform has various users who run their channels on it and share the video on their respective channels. So, if you are willing to check this video, kindly search for it on this platform.

Social Media Links



Summing up this research on Prince Adrian Dagdag Age, we have shared the facts on the altercation video of Prince Adrian Dagdag. You can check this video on online sites as we cannot share the video on our channel. 

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DISCLAIMER: We have given the details on the altercation video of Prince Adrian, but we do not intend to hurt or target anyone. Kindly consider this article for reference purposes only.

Reference Link: [Watch Video] Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal: Is It On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube

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