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About the Japan Airlines Plane Crash Wikipedia And Video 

Recently, on the 2nd of January 2024,  a fatal accident occurred at the Haneda Airport that shook the Internet with colossal shock. Moreover, soon after the disaster happened, the news turned viral and flooded different social platforms. 

As the collision was very dangerous, it caused a great curiosity among the people and the Internet users to talk about the matter deeply. However, the good news is that the death rate due to the collision was not high, and mostly all of the involved individuals were safe. 

What Happened in the Japan Plane Crash 2024 Disaster? 

According to the threads, the mishap occurred between the Airbus A350-900, operating JAL Flight 516 and Airbus A350-900. Unfortunately, while the Airbus A350 landed, it collided with the scheduled JAL Flight 516 from the New Chitose Airport to the Haneda Airport. Both aircraft caught fire immediately due to the collision, indicating the severity of the crash. 

Sadly, while researching the matter on Instagram, we found that the disaster took place around 17:47 JST, where the CCTV footage showed the entire event, shocking the aircraft members. Five of the six members in the Dash 8 died due to the collision, But all the 367 A350-900 passengers and 12 crew members were safe with minor injuries.

What Happened in the Japan Plane Crash 2024 Disaster

The pilots were shocked after landing, but they tried their best to maintain its length. Our research on Youtube disclosed that the left engine initially caught fire and was informed by the crew member to the pilot before the rescue.

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Investigations of the Haneda Airport Plane Crash

While researching, we saw that after the landing, the plane was fully emptied within 18 minutes, with the pilot being the last one to leave the plane. Several fights were estimated to have departed, but the incident caused the runaways’ closure. 

Investigations of the Haneda Airport Plane Crash

The survey on Telegram found that one of the pilots disclosed that he saw an object that made him curious before the disaster. Importantly, due to the collision, the in-flight announcement mechanism was not working appropriately, and JAL forcefully gave direct instructions, resulting in a successful evacuation. The plane had eight children, and fifteen passengers got minor wounds. 

To the accident, Fumio Kishida felt terrible for the dead, while IATA paid condolences over Twitter. However, over the Internet, the public and many famous personalities were amazed and applauded the collision’s rescue management for timely response and action. 

The Final Talk

This article gives all the vital updates on the Japanese disaster at the Haneda Airport. Moreover, the mishap occurred on the 2nd of January 2024 and has been trending since then. 

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