Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video: Is Stanley Reddit Available On LinkedIn? Check Trending News Now!

This article describes the facts in the Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video and tells the readers about the incident.

Do you want to know about the Paul Schmidt video trending on the internet? Recently, a video got viral in which a stranger stabbed a guy outside a Starbucks outlet in Canada. Everyone in the United States and other countries is looking for the facts related to the video.

If you are here to learn about Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video, check out the article.


What happened to Paul Schmidt?

Paul Schmidt, a Vancouver resident, got stabbed by a stranger on Monday outside the Starbucks café. The video of the incident got viral on the internet, which is accessible to everyone. That’s why everyone wants the police to take strict action against the culprit. 

Paul Stanley Schmidt LinkedIn

The news of Paul Stanley is available on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. According to Paul’s LinkedIn profile, he is a claim specialist at One Source in Iowa.

However, there’s not much information about the victim as he got only 3 connections with no personal facts. The stabbing was done in daylight, as everyone saw the incident and recorded it on their devices for further investigation. 

Is the video available on Reddit?

The links related to the Paul Stanley Schmidt Reddit are on different websites. However, the video is not for the younger audience as it contains gruesome scenes and blood which affects young minds. 

Also, with the help of the video and the images, police caught one of the culprits, who is charged with second-degree murder. The murderer is Inderdeep Singh Gosal, accountable for Paul Stanley Schmidt’s killing.

The aftermath of the killing

When Gosal stabbed Paul, the nearby police officer arrested the culprit. There are many eye-witnesses, as seen in Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video. The medical team arrived for first aid and tried to save the victim.

However, two members are believed to be responsible for the altercation outside Starbucks. 

The reaction of Paul’s family to the video

When Paul’s wife and kids watch the video of his death, then they find it disturbing that nobody tried to help Paul. Instead of helping him and calling the police, everyone was busy making videos and clicking photos. 

On the other hand, the Vancouver mayor and police stated the videos circulating on the internet. The police department said that the Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video impacted the family’s state of mind who recently lost their loved ones. 

With the statement going public, many media companies decided not to show the stabbing video on their channel or website as a gesture of tribute. 

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Final Words 

Paul Schmidt’s incident scared everyone, as people in Vancouver don’t feel safe roaming the streets. Click here to get more details about the incident

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Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video– FAQs

1: Who is the second person involved in the incident?

A: The identity of the second person is unknown.

2: Is Gosal behind bars?

A: Yes, police arrested Gosal immediately. 

3: Is there any connection between Paul and Gosal?

A: The police didn’t find any connection between Gosal and Paul.

4: Why Gosal stabbed Paul in Paul Schmidt Vancouver Video?

A: The reason is the fight between Paul and Gosal over vaping around Paul’s small kid.

5: How many funds were collected from GoFundMe?

A: Around $4000 for Paul’s family.

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