{Watch Full} Dubahub on Twitter Full Video: What Facts Can Be Depicted From Original Content Went Viral On Reddit, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram & Youtube? Know Facts Here!

The article provides the details of Dubahub on Twitter Full Video and guides people to refrain from performing such risky activities.

Are you aware of the Dubahub viral video circulating online? Have you watched the video yet? People have posted the video on their Twitter accounts, which has grabbed the attention of the folks of the United States.

This article will cover the entire thing about Dubahub on Twitter Full Videorepresenting the whole event. So stay tuned to know more.

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Updates on Twitter about the video

Recently, people have been talking about the video that shows how the guy is recklessly riding the skateboard while holding the slides of the running bus with one hand and talking on his phone with the other hand.

People found the video surprising, and they are talking about the same. The video has gathered many views on Twitter and other social platforms.

Is the video Viral On Twitter?

The video has become viral online since it was revealed, and many people who have yet to find it are looking for it online. The video is posted on many social media websites, and people are talking about the video


Is the video Viral On Twitter

People are also talking about the Dubahub video and the name with which it has been made viral. But the video can be found on all social media websites, and people can easily watch them if they wish to.

Reactions of people on Instagram

Some people have posted the video on Instagram, and people can be seen commenting on the video back lashing the guy’s activities. As the video contains nothing personal, people can see them know why it has become the talk of the town.

The guy in the video is from Medellin, Columbia, per the reports. But the original identity of the guy has yet to be revealed.

Are there any YouTube videos found on the channel?

As soon as the video went viral on social media handles, people also found the video presentation on YouTube channel. People are amazed to see the guy safe and sound even after performing such a dangerous activity. 

Before performing the activity, we needed to find out what was happening in the guy’s mind. However, if we try to find the video, we can see that it has been removed. 

Comments of people on Reddit

We have not seen the Reddit video, and the comments have been turned off. So there are no comments yet on the handle, and it may be because the authorities removed video from the internet, and so are the comments from people.

The video went viral and started trending everywhere, and soon after that, the officials removed it from all social media channels.

Is the video present on TikTok?

The video was present on TikTok and received several reactions from people after it went viral. First, however, we must be made aware of whether the video is still available on the handle.

Social media links



The video distracted the people, and the stunt performed was very risky. We have yet to get our hands on the person’s information, and people are waiting to know the information they can find on the internet


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Dubahub on Twitter Full Video-FAQs

Q1. Why is the Dubahub video on trend?

A guy can be seen recklessly riding his skateboard behind the running bus.

Q2. Is the identity revealed?


Q3. What was the guy doing apart from skating?

He was talking on his phone.

Q4. Did the video go viral?


Q5. Did any accident occur?

No, the guy is safe.

Q6. From where does the guy belong?


Q7. Why was the video taken down?

To prevent others from performing such risky activities.

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