Orion Kwite Allegations: What Was the controversy Between Them? Check Facts Now!

This article gives information on the Orion Kwite Allegations incident and tells the readers about the updated information.

Are you looking for information on the trending Orion and Kwite controversy? The controversial case of Orion and Kwite has taken a new turn, and his fans from countries like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada want to know about it.

In this article, you will learn the recent updates on the Orion Kwite Allegations. So, check it out.

What is the controversy between Orion and Kwite?

Kwite is a famous YouTuber with thousands of followers and subscribers on his page. However, Orion Nyasputiin says that Kwite humiliated her physically and tried to force himself on her on their first date. 

Orion Kwite Allegations: New updates

When the controversy started, everyone supported Orion, as all netizens thought she was telling the truth. However, recently, news came out in which it is said that all the allegations against Kwite are false.

One of Kwite’s fans posted it on his Twitter handle, and everyone started supporting Kwite. Because of the allegations against a famous star, Orion Nyasputiin has to face many consequences, which can be the reason for her career downfall. 

What is the reaction of Kwite on the fake allegation?

Right now, there’s no information present related to his reaction to the recent Orion Kwite Allegations updates. However, his fans are furious with Orion Nyasputiin for humiliating a guy on the social media platform for something which he didn’t do in the first place. 

Kwite and Orion meet many times personally, as it is believed that they started dating each other. However, things get bitter between them when Orion accuses Kwite of assaulting her in the back of his car. 

What’s Orion’s statement on the whole incident?

The assault incident happened in February 2018 when Orion and Kwite were close friends. They were on a date, and then after some time, Orion Kwite Allegations started when Orion Nyasputiin posted a statement on her Twitter handle about the incident.

According to Orion, Kwite is abusive and emotionally manipulates her by saying she looks like a boy. 

What's Orion's statement on the whole incident

What happened after the allegations got viral?

When the users heard about the incident with Orion, they started supporting her and came up with a movement against Kwite. However, the supporters of Kwite came forward and said that these Orion Kwite Allegations were not true and no one should take them seriously. 

What is the impact of the controversy on Orion Nyasputiin’s career?

Everyone knows the allegations are false, so everyone comes against Orion, which starts impacting her social media career. The followers are getting down, and she starts losing sponsorship and collaboration from trusted brands.

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Final Thoughts 

As the truth comes out, it’s better to wait and see the reaction of both the people involved in the controversy. Click here for more information. 


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Orion Kwite Allegations– FAQs

Q1. What is Orion’s real name?

A: No information about her real name is present.

Q2. Who is Kwite?

A: Kwite is a famous YouTuber and social media personality. 

Q3. Were Nyasputiin and Kwite in a relationship?

A: Yes, they were dating each other when the incident happened.

Q4. Was Orion’s allegation of Kwite true?

A: No, it is clear that Orion was sharing fake stories about Kwite.

Q5. When did the assault incident happen?

A: In 2018.

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