Hive Social Media Twitter: How Is It Connected With Blockchain? Is It Available on Android? Check Reddit News! Find Wikipedia Facts!

In the article, we will tell you about the latest controversy of Hive Social Media Twitter. Find every detail about Hive Social here.

What is Hive’s Social media platform? Why are people comparing Hive with Twitter? Social media is a powerful platform for receiving current news and feeds. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, People needed help with the new norms and policies of Twitter.

People from the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom are shifting towards Hive rather than Twitter. Some people need to be aware of this app, and they think Hive Social Media Twitter is the same platform. To find every detail about the Hive app and how to use it read the article properly.


Are Hive and Twitter the same?

Many people are in a dilemma about Hive, a new version of Twitter, but both platforms are different. Many people don’t know about high previously, but since so much of this management and Twitter. People are also offended by the recent tweet of Elon Musk regarding Hive. He says, ‘what the hell is Hive’? There is no competition with Twitter.

It has functions similar to Twitter, where you can repost photos, share comments, and add new people via this platform. Additionally, people like freedom on social platforms as they can share opinions and feed. 

Hive Wikipedia 

I was created in 2019 by a student from California, Kassandra Pop. He invented the social platform with his team to create a user-friendly environment where multiple people can share multimedia photos and connect worldwide. This application provides you features like sharing post social mentions, creating trending hashtags, and reaching out to people all over the globe.


Hive Wikipedia

When the app launched, it had around 15000 users by 2021. Hive gained a little boost in February 2021 from a viral Tik Tok video. It got around 34000 users after that video in 2021. After this disbalance in Twitter and other social media platforms, people are actively using Hive, and now it has more than 2M downloads.

Hive Rating on Android 

This app is available on Android as well as iOS. For Android devices, you can download this app for free. The Hive is 30MB in size. The app has a 2.9 restart on the Google Store. However, the app is getting a boost and very appreciable comments. People believe this app has a more fantastic future and the possibility of success after Twitter.

The recent controversy of Elon Musk regarding the Hive app also gave excellent Hype for this app. People find the tweet Elon demeaning, and after that, people try this application in blunder.

Hive Blockchain

People are surprised that a young kid, age 24, is competing with the world’s most prominent billionaire Elon Musk. After the tweet of Elon, Hive got massive downloads. Additionally, many millionaires and billionaires are offering equity and shares to invest in this app and become a part of a trending revolutionary social platform.

However, this app is only available for mobile devices. There is no web version of the Hive Social application.

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Wrapping up!

The latest tweet of Elon Musk on its rival social platform Hive backfires. People are showing interest in Hive rather than Twitter due to multiple glitches and new norms of Twitter. People believe sharing posts and feeds can be a new social platform.

Have you tried Hive before? Share your experience in the comment section. Also, watch the latest update on Hive 

Hive Social Media Twitter: FAQs

Q1 Who Created the Hive Social app?

Kassandra Pop created Hive with his friends at California University in 2019.

Q2 What is the size of Hive on iOS devices?

For iOS devices, the price of the app is 99.3 MB.

Q3 Can we use Hive on computers like Twitter?

No, you cannot access Hive on web browsers. The application is only available for mobile devices.

Q4 How did Hive become popular in 2022?

The competitive defaming tweet of Elon Musk bent the users toward Hive. Moreover, people are also receiving multiple problems with Twitter.

Q5 What are Apple Store Ratings of Hive?

On the Apple store Hive Social Rates 4 stars.

Q6 Does the Hive interface look like Reddit?

Yes, Hive looks like a Reddit interface, as you can see the newsfeed and recent posts on the discover page.

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