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At the time of the Raleigh Christmas Parade, a girl was hit by a truck. After the accident, she lost her life. Many people have come forward to support an 11-year-old girl whose name is Hayley Brooks. People in the United States helped her by posting various social media posts. She performed at the CC & Company Dance Complex. According to the police, the crash took place at 10:15 a.m. People want to know about Obituary Hailey Brooks.


Obituary Hailey Brooks – Cause of Death

The cause of the death of Hailey Brooks was an accident. She was hit by a truck when the driver lost control near the intersection of Hillsborough Street and Boylan Avenue. The truck hit the child when it was at low speed.

Obituary Hailey Brooks – Hailey Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter 

  • Hailey Instagram

Hailey Brooks had no Instagram account. Since she was a child, she perhaps was not interested in the Instagram account.

  • Hailey Twitter

Hailey Brooks did not have a Twitter account. Although many Twitter accounts have the same name, she had no Twitter account. People in Raleigh NC have been posting on Twitter regarding the child.

  • Hailey Facebook

Hailey did not have her own Facebook account. But many people posted about her death. Many people offered tribute to her and questioned the end of such a tender child through their posts. 

Parents (Father, Mother, Family, Kids/Children)

There are few details about the parents of 11-year-old Brooks. It is also determined whether she was the only child of her parents or had other siblings. There is also a need for more information on whether she had any grandparents. Since Hailey was a child, there is no point in discussing her kids or children.  

Is Hailey Married? Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend

It is evident how can an 11-year-old girl get married. She also did not have a boyfriend. Hailey was an adorable child who danced. She was a talented and friendly girl. She had a very cordial relationship with her friends.

Wiki, Biography, Personal Life

There needs to be more information about Hailey. But the available information has been mentioned in the table below:

Real Name Hailey Brooks
Nickname Hailey Brooks
Profession Dancer
Date of Birth Not known
Zodiac Sign Not known
Age 11 years
Birthplace Not known
Nationality American
Marital Status Not married
Husband Name Not available
Partner Name Not available
Net worth Not known

All the information mentioned in the above table is about the basic details of Hailey Brooks. Due to the lack of proper knowledge, some pieces have yet to be mentioned in the table.

Educational Qualification and Career

There needs to be more information related to education of Hailey. Even there needs to be more information about her school or class. She performed in CC & Company Dance Complex. She was a talented child and could enthral people with her performance. It needs to be mentioned whether she had any other talents than dance. Wiki also has not provided any information related to the educational qualification and her Net worth.

Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

There is no information related to ethnicity. However, her nationality was American, and her religion was Christianity. 

She was a lovely girl and was loved by all. Irrespective of her religion and ethnicity, she was loved by her near and dear ones. 

Age, Date of Birth, Birthday

The age of Hailey was 11. But her birthday or date of birth is yet to be made available. It is also not available where did she live. It is yet to be known whether her family celebrated her birthday.


Hailey has no social media links as she has no social media accounts. 


Many people posted about the death of Hailey on their social media accounts. She was a lovely child, and people loved her because of her friendly behaviour. Her accident created chaos in the place where the incident took place. To know more, please visit the link

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Obituary Hailey Brooks-FAQs

Q1. At what time did Hailey die?

At 10:15 a.m.

Q2. How old was Hailey?

11 years old.

Q3. At which place did the driver lose control?

Near the intersection of Hillsborough Street and Boylan Avenue.

Q4. By what vehicle was Hailey hit?

By a Truck.

Q5. Who was the driver?

The driver was Landen Christopher Glass.

Q6. How old was the driver?

20 years old.

Q7. What was the colour of the truck?

The colour of the truck was white.

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