Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist: What Activity Done By The Woman? Is She Fined For It? Find Updated Facts!

The article on Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist delivers information about the recent incident in Mexico. Read till the end to explore more.

Have you seen a Pyramid before? The news about tourist behavior in Mexico is circulating all over the internet and social media. People from the United States and worldwide are wondering how they can do such things.

If you are wondering what that tourist does and how she suffered the consequences. We have presented our readers with a brief article about it. So keep up with this article. In this article, you will learn about Ancient Mayan Pyramids tourist and how people reacted to the incident.


What happened at the ancient Mayan Pyramids?

On Monday, 20 November 2022, a Spanish woman, who was a tourist, disregarded the prohibition rules and climbed the ancient Mayan Pyramid known as Mayan Temple in Mexico. After she reached the top, she started waving her arms and gyrating her hips. 

She climbed the ladders, entered the Mayan temple, and danced on the stairs, which made other groups of tourists and the crowd furious.


What happened at the ancient Mayan Pyramids

What happened to the Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist after she climbed the Pyramid?

Watching and observing from the ground, other tourist groups booed her for the action she did and cussed her. The angry mobs were asking to put that lady behind bars and shouting out loud at her. 

When the officials came to take her to the base, a few bystanders poured water on her, threw water bottles, and knocked off the woman’s hat from her head.

Local Police arrested, slapped, and fined the women for climbing and not following the rules of the world heritage site.

How do people around the world get to know about the Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist?

When the Spanish tourist was climbing, and during this incident, many people from the crowds and tourists took pictures and videos of her and started circulating on different social media apps. The videos and photos started going viral through apps like TikTok and Twitter. People started talking about her and that she did not have a conscience.

In the video, you can see a blonde woman with bright red pants, a blue t-shirt, and a brown hat climbing up and coming down from the Mayan Pyramid, and in the background, you can hear the mob booing and cursing her for her deeds.

Why are Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist not allowed to climb the Pyramids?

Climbing the Pyramid has been banned since 2008. This is to protect the world heritage site from graffiti, erosion, and destruction. People who will not follow the rules and will try to damage the Pyramids will be charged between $2,500 – $5,000.

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Final Verdict

The Police took Woman with them from the sight of the crowd. The local Police fined and warned her for her behavior. The name of the Woman is still unknown, but from her language, it seemed she was Spanish.

What are your thoughts on her behavior in a sacred place? Comments below.

Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist (FAQs)

1-Is the Mayan Pyramid one of the seven wonders?

A-Yes, Mayan Pyramid, which is also known as Chechen Itza, is one of the seven wonders.

2-How old are Mayan Pyramids?

A-The Mayan Pyramids were built between the 3rd and 9th Century AD.

3-Who built the Mayan Pyramids?

A-Mayan Pyramids were built by the Maya, also known as the Mesoamerican civilization.

4- Are Egyptians Pyramids older than Mayan pyramids?

A-Yes, The Egyptian pyramids are older than the Mayan Pyramids

5-Which TikTok account posted the video of the Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist?

A-First, @angelalopeze posted the video criticizing the tourist who later got viral over the other platforms

6- Is there any incident that put the ban in place?

A-In 2006, an old American 80-year-old Woman fell from the 91st steps of EL Castillo and died

7- What were the comments of the public about the incident?

A-Some people are asking to tie women to the top of the Pyramid, and the media is discriminating by not airing the news as much as possible on the news channels.

8- How many pyramids are there in Maya?

A-In Mayan, there are a total of 80 pyramids, of which Chechen Itza is the most important.

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