{Uncensored} No Jumper Fight Video: Find Adam22 Fight On Podcast Which Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram & Tiktok Platforms!

The article describes the incident of No Jumper Fight Video and also describes the whole incident and aftermath of the fight video.

Do you know the recent fight video of No Jumper? The video is already viral on various social media platforms. Millions of people in the United States have watched the video on social media. 

The program was a podcast program. But suddenly, the fight started between Almighty and Lil Keply. We must check out the incident and know about the No Jumper Fight Video

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Disclaimer: We don’t promote or support this kind of video. We are talking about this to inform our readers and for news purposes only. You can also check social media links and learn about the facts. 

What was the Incident? 

On 23 November 2022, No Jumper hosted a program. It was a podcast program, where Lil Kelpy, and Almighty Suspect were in the podcast. The program was going well. But suddenly, Keply and Suspect started a heated argument, which triggered an uncanny situation.

In the program, the celebrity duo suddenly started fighting with each other. After this situation, the video of the podcast was uploaded on social media. It gradually became viral, and many people shared it with various accounts.

Is the Video Viral On Twitter


Is the Video Viral On Twitter

The reports say the fighting video was first uploaded on the Twitter account. And initially, more than 200,000 people watched the video on this social media platform. We also check the indisputable facts about this video on Twitter.

While we checked the Twitter account, we found out that, yes, the video was uploaded and published on 25 November 2022 at 10:07. For technical reasons, we can’t post the actual video. But as reported, Almighty used punches on Keply, so his nose was broken. Later, crew members stopped the fight.

Is the video Uploaded on other social media? 

As reported, Reddit is another platform where the fight video was uploaded. For this reason, we have checked this social media platform and all the facts. As we are studying, we found that videos and news are uploaded on this platform.

On this platform, the video was uploaded six days back. While checking the account, we found a header line about the fight. And a video link and video are already uploaded to the report. Many people have commented about this fight video as well. And also, they are curious about this.

Many people are also saying the video is uploaded on the Telegram account. But we don’t find any evidence of this. But it is also true that the whole video is uploaded on TikTok as well. On this platform, nearly 76.9 M users have already checked the fight video. Many have shared the video as well on various accounts.

The Other Update

No Jumper podcast is a very famous podcast. It was started in 2015 by Adam John Grandmaison and Sharp. Adam is also renowned as Adam 22. Mainly the video is shown on YouTube. And the duo has great followers on YouTube. 

They have more than 4.46 million subscribers on this platform. They are also active on other social media. For this reason, many people also call the Adam22 Fight On Podcast. 

Who is Adam? 

  • Full Name/Real Name- Adam John Grandmaison
  • Age- Not cleared 
  • Date of Birth- No information. 
  • Nickname- Adam 22
  • Occupation- Youtuber and Podcaster
  • Wife Name- Lena Nersesian
  • Marital Status- In relationship
  • Date of Birth- Not known
  • Place of Birth- Hong Kong
  • Religion- Christian
  • Mother’s name- No data
  • Partner Name- Lena Nersesian 

Social Media Link of fight video

The Last Words

Police are now checking all the facts and trying to find out the video uploader as well. But recently it was the uncanny situation in the celebrity world. You can check the “No Jumper” video link as well

Have you watched the video? What are your opinions for this fight? Please comment. 

No Jumper Fight Video– FAQ 

1) What is No Jumper?

No Jumper is the idea of a future blog

2) Who is the CEO of No Jumper?

Adam Grandmaison.

3) The process to get in No Jumper?

One needs to send a short resume.

4) Where is the No Jumper’s office situated?

In Los Angeles, California. 

5) What is the Revenue of No Jumper?

156,996 USD per year. 

6) Who is the owner of No Jumper?

Adam Grandmaison. 

7) Who is Lil Kiply?

He is a rapper and musician. 

8) What was the reason for the fight?

The reason is unknown. 

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