Is Newprofilepicture Com Free? What Is This App? Is It On Facebook Or Scam? Check App On Play Store For Android Users!

The article mentions the details to update the profile picture as per the trend and the best ways to use and try Newprofilepicture Com Free.

Are you interested in providing the profile picture in the new dimension? Do you know the best app to update the profile pictures? When the world is constantly evolving, why make an old profile picture stand out when you can enhance it with an application and give it a new dimension.

One can surprise the friends and the followers with the new and enhanced profile pictures in the various countries like the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. People like to use Newprofilepicture Com Free.

Use of the app legit or a scam?

The NewProfilePicture app allows users throughout the world to customize their profile pictures. Play Store users can now access the application free of cost however to use extra features, it may require in-app purchases. With the help of artificial intelligence, the application makes your social media profiles more appealing by enhancing and beautifying your photos. Linerock Investment LTD launched an Android application for photography. The website, however, redirects you to a dummy portal with the URL when you search for a profile picture application. Please be mindful of this while searching. There are different ways to make content if you have a blog or a social media profile. For example, you can download free pictures and a free stock video and customize them to create unique content and impress your audience.

New Profile Pic. Com

We found that both applications are different after evaluating them. They are different from one another for many reasons. These are a few basic factors to bear in mind:

  • Recently, Newprofilepic was released on the Google Play Store for Android devices.
  • Linerock Investments Ltd has launched a new photography app for Android users.
  • The rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars for the app from the people. The reviews are also available from different users.
  • While searching for the website in the online, it redirects to the other website that seems to be the dummy.

Check the legitimacy

To find whether it Is New Profile Pic App Scam? After estimating various applications in the mobile, the reviews are obtained that have a 4.9 rating from the users. The people also shared their thoughts in the form of feedback and reviews. The user makes sure that the reviews are read before getting into it. The Newprofilepicture has mixed reviews from various users. Be careful before installing it.

Furthermore, the publisher of this app also actively responds to users’ feedback. Users have had mixed reactions to the application. Newprofilepic is the application’s name, and the website is not available on Facebook. Ensure that the app does not have a website and people cannot find any online portals, and the only way to obtain it is from the Play Store.

Reviews from the users 

A publisher contacted the authors about negative reviews and suggested contacting them privately at the author’s email address. All of the rest of the reviews are very positive, so we suggest you look at them before installing the application.

Steps to use the App

  • Initially, users have to install the app.
  • Then select the image and upload the image.
  • Once the cheap framed canvas photo prints is uploaded, move on the filter the effects of the photo in Android.
  • It has different styles, filters and unique effects like cartoons and art.
  • Just choose the style and then select done and install the photo.
  • The updates are available in various styles and come back.


As per the investigation on the NewProfilePicture App, people can beautify and enhance their ordinary profile pictures easily and conveniently. However, several people are searching online for the application’s APK and getting it that way. Grab the complete details of the App here.

Are you interested in enhancing your profile picture? Then make sure you share your experience in the below-provided comment box on App On Play Store.

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