VIBE Game Club: Cade Cunningham and Tyler Herro’s Impressions of “NBA 2K23” and 2K Games

On Thursday, during the NBA 2K23 Summer League, 2K staged an event named “House of Greatness” just at the Delano in Las Vegas to honor one of the most popular video game franchises ever (July 7). We are putting this experience back on the table for anyone who would be thinking about giving this as a gift for Christmas.

In order to learn as much as they could about the game, VIBE Magazine was present. In order to learn more about an early build of the brand-new basketball game, the VIBE crew also took part in a few Play Now games in NBA 2K23 for the PlayStation 5.

Four teams were available in NBA 2K23 to help you navigate the updated and better experience. The options for players’ preferred teams were the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, & Phoenix Suns. The gamer was immediately thrust into an actual NBA game, complete with boisterous spectators, bright lights, and expertly produced camera angles. Additionally, 2K23 offered players graphics that were more realistic than ever before because of a quality that has improved over time.

VIBE chose the Suns and, of course, the Golden State Warriors for their first match in the game. Players quickly became aware of how smoothly the camera transitions worked throughout the exhibition, from the teams entering the court to tip-off to making their first basket. As soon as VIBE had possession of the ball, they started tinkering with the tactics to see what altered both their attacking and defensive performances.

The shot meter was smoothed down, allowing players to make “great” three-pointers and two-pointers. Layups were improved, while alley-oops were one of the most thrilling actions to execute while playing. Its controls have been less robotic than in prior NBA 2K games. The game has a somewhat clumsy defensive feel, especially when trying to block an opponent’s shot or knock the ball out of their hands. In order to make the best NBA 2K yet, using earlier iterations of the game as competition, developers Ronnie “2K” Singh, Digital Marketing Director at 2K, and Alfie Brody, VP, Head of Global Marketing at 2K Games, reassured players that the game was an early build and it would iron out these few issues.

In our interview, Ronnie noted, “Games will occasionally have difficulties, but our staff is among the finest, so we’ll have that rectified and ready for release.” I’m eagerly looking forward to our playtime; it feels wonderful and new. It is the entire system we developed. It’s a more seamless experience.

Following Singh’s statement, Brody added, “And then the second thing I’d add is we want to compete with ourselves.” ” Our main focus is that. The best possible product is what we want to release. We can’t accomplish everything each year, but I can confidently state that with each new game we release, we make progress in comparison to the one before it.

The majority of the game’s enhancements, VIBE Magazine observed, were created in direct reaction to issues or demands raised by the NBA 2K community during the course of the game’s previous three editions. Another more reactive offensive AI that presents a challenge to the player on the court, improved dribbling, and camera adjustments were some of the biggest changes that have been made to the game between 2K20 and 2K23.

“This is the third year of next-gen, therefore we’ve already implemented a lot of what our customers have requested in previous years.” “We’re working to advance and develop the finest game we can for the market,” according to Singh. And that ultimately starts with addressing the worries, desires, and requirements of our fanbase. doing what’s best for both their gaming experience and the game as a whole.

Additionally, VIBE magazine wasn’t the only publication to observe these alterations. NBA players in attendance, including Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat and Cade Cunningham of the Detroit Pistons, spoke highly of 2K23’s fresh feel at the House of Greatness.

Cunningham told VIBE Magazine that one of the game’s biggest improvements was the way the animations were tidied up. “[2K Games] increased their celebrations and dribbling animations. Even just the shooting and player exchanges make it feel more lively on the field. Because of the fantastic graphics, each player appeared more like themselves than other joints.

Herro said, “I didn’t like the shot meter,” and then he slyly chuckled. “I didn’t like the shot meter; that was never my favorite thing.” However, I did love playing [NBA 2K23]; it was a great game. I want to play more 2K as it continues to develop.

Michael Jordan was chosen as one of 2K’s prized cover athletes to grace the Championship and Michael Jordan Edition of NBA 2K23, which was announced in the days before the event. In addition, the WNBA Edition cover features Diana Taurasi & Sue Bird, while the cover athlete for the Standard Edition is rising star Devin Booker.

The two-player video game company 2K Games concluded that these four sportsmen best embodied the goals of 2K23, which is being celebrated as “the year of brilliance” in 2023. When choosing this year’s cover stars, Singh, Brody, and the 2K Games team kept that in mind. They sincerely wish that the community is prepared for what will happen when these explosive athletes appear on the covers.

“There are many requirements for such a cover athlete. The gaming affinity is unquestionably strong. It goes without saying that you want someone you work with to enjoy the game. Regarding the selection of the athletes for the cover of VIBE Magazine, Brody fervently declared, “It doesn’t matter how long they played or anything like that. However, they simply grew to enjoy being a part of it. Then we put authenticity first, so we want someone who can play NBA 2K. You are familiar with our area. They talk a lot. They are really fervent.

“This is NBA 2K23, and we knew what to do.” This game was intended to make a statement. Therefore, placing Jordan just on the cover is sending a message, according to Ronnie 2K. 2K23 is a year of magnificence, and enormous things are anticipated. It will be enjoyable this year for all 2K enthusiasts.


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