Moist Critical Girlfriend: What Is Her Age, Height & Net Worth? Find Twitter & Instagram Links Here!

This post about Moist Critical Girlfriend uncovers the relationship of a social media influencer and what makes her girlfriend well-recognized.

Who is Cr1TiKal? Does he have a girlfriend? People from Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other places want to know their favorite influencer’s details.

White, often called Cr1TiKaL, began live streaming content on Twitch, where he mainly broadcasts video games. People have been lately searching for his private life and specifically his girlfriend. So, let’s check more about Moist Critical Girlfriend in this news post.


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Who is Moist Critical’s Girlfriend?

A well-established YouTuber, gamer, and social media personality named Penguinz0 was Tiana Tracy’s relation. They use many platforms to post their photos and videos on social media. Charles White Jr., a popular Twitch presenter and YouTuber from the U.S., is called Cr1TiKaL, usually pronounced as “critical.” 

He rose to fame on YouTube with his “penguinz0” channel for his funny video game comments and content that stood out for their flat speech and emotionless performance. Cr1TiKal has garnered a great deal of notice throughout his online career. His girlfriend’s Age is 13.

About Critical’s Girlfriend:

Tiana Tracy, social media personality and an Instagram sensation, received her veterinary training in the U.S. Tracy is well recognized for sharing video clips and images of her outfits, pets, and daily living on social networking sites, especially Instagram

As Penguinz0’s girlfriend, she is renowned in gaming and social networking, influencing communities, including YouTube.

Additional facts about Moist Cr1TiKaL:

Cr1TiKal or White was born on 2nd August in Florida, Tampa. At Carrollwood Day School, he played high school hoops. Besides, White had a left lung pneumothorax that was recurring and had ruptured three times before he underwent an operation in 2011. 

Throughout his youth, Cr1TiKal battled with OCD, or obsessive-compulsive condition, and indulged in odd practices due to the illness. His undergraduate degree in human studies was earned at Tampa University. 

Personal details of Critical’s Girlfriend:

An American performer, Tiana Tracy, has Tetra and Cayda, her two dogs, and she loves them. Her Net Worth is about 100k USD. She previously -practiced veterinary medicine and got a degree from the Community College of Hillsborough in 2020. Her preferred hues are white and red, and she likes to go on holiday to Japan.

Tiana Tracy’s social media details:

On her Instagram page, Tiana posts fantastic pictures of her lovely pets. She has about 476 posts, with 521 following and 28.9k followers. Tiana’s profile shows her love and admiration for pets. She has posted Cr1TiKaL’s image with one of her pets on her profile, showcasing their bond and relationship.

Besides, Tiana has about 190k followers on Twitter, with 193 followers, and she joined the network in October 2012.

Quick wiki of Moist Critical’s girlfriend:

  • Real name: Tiana Tracy
  • Birthday: 9th November
  • Birth year- Not known
  • Place of birth: U.S.
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: Casual photographer and Veterinarian
  • Boyfriend: Cr1TiKaL (Charles White)
  • Height: 5 ft. and 5 in
  • Pets: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:

Quick wiki of Moist Critical’s girlfriend

Social media links-




Tiana Tracy, the girlfriend of Moist Critical, enjoys dancing, singing, photography, skating, literature, etc. However, there isn’t much information available about Tiana Tracy’s professional life. Tiana works as a veterinarian and occasionally a photographer.

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Moist Critical GirlfriendFAQs

Q1. Who is Moist Critical?

Moist Critical is a social media influencer.

Q2. Who is Moist Cr1tiKaL’s girlfriend?

Tiana Tracy

Q3. What is Tiana Tracy’s nationality?


Q4. What is Tiana Tracy’s Twitter ID?


Q5. Who are Tiana Tracy’s pets?

Cayda and Petra

Q6. What is Tiana Tracy’s Instagram ID?


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