Kelly Bills Wife Cause of Death: What Happened To Her? How She Die? Has Football Coach Shared The Memories? Find Details Now!

This article provides information on the Kelly Bills Wife Cause of Death and tells the facts about the funeral and obituary of Emily Bills.

Are you looking for information on Kelly Bills Wife’s death? Emily Bill’s death caused many controversies on the internet, and readers from the United States and other countries want to know the cause and related facts. 

If you are looking for the same and want to know Kelly Bills Wife Cause of Death, check out the article until the end.

What happened to Emily Bills?

Emily Bills, the wife of Kelly Bills, died on September 27, 2022. The cause of the death is unclear, as Kelly said that he woke up in the morning and found Emily unresponsive, regardless of the alarms and other things. 

How Did Kelly Bills Wife Die?

Kelly Bills appeared on a television show called The Jimmy Rex show, where he discussed the death of his wife with the viewers in the United States. He said that the cause of her wife’s death was a genetic mutation present in Kelly by birth.

The family didn’t know about the situation as the mutation was related to heart arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat. Kelly said he tried everything to wake up his wife, but she was gone then.

How Did Kelly Bills Wife Die

About Emily Bills

Now everyone knows What happened to Emily Bills and how she died. It’s time to learn about Emily in detail by looking at her personal and professional life. 

Real Name-

Emily Bills
Birthplace- Provo, Utah
School- Timpview High School
Education- Graduate
Husband- Kelly Bills
Children- 3 sons
Current Address- Ellensburg, Washington
Date of Death-

September 27, 2022

Emily Bills Funeral and Obituary 

The funeral and obituary were done by the family and her close friends, where everyone shared their sweet and loving memory of Emily Bills. On the internet, you will find the link leading to Emily Bill’s obituary, filled with photos and emotions. 

Kelly Bills Football Coach in Utah, shared her memories with everyone. The funeral occurred on October 3, 2022, at Rock Canyon Ward Chapel. 

Did Kelly come forward after her wife’s death?

Kelly stayed away from the media and reporters for a long time after her wife’s death. However, recently she attended a show where he was asked about her wife’s death. He said that in the morning, he tried everything to wake up Emily like CPR and other practices, till the paramedics came.

He also stated that he knew she was gone but tried his best to wake her up. Kelly Bills Wife Cause of Death shocked him and his family as no one knows about Emily’s disorder. It was heartbreaking for Kelly and his sons to lose their mother at a young age. 

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Final Thoughts 

Emily Bill’s death was a tragic event in Kelly’s life. However, the doctors confirmed that the cause of death is a genetic mutation related to heart and respiratory problems.

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Kelly Bills Wife Cause of Death– FAQs

Q1. What are the names of Kelly and Emily’s kids?

A: The names of the kids are Brooks, Cooper and Jace.

Q2. What is the address of the funeral place?

A: Rock Canyon Ward Chapel, 3050 Mojave Lane, Provo, Utah.

Q3. What was Emily’s age when she died?

A: Emily was 33 years old.

Q4. When did Kelly and Emily get married?

A: They married on March 6, 2009, in Timpanogos Temple, Utah.

Q5. What is the name of Emily’s college?

A: Brigham Young University. 

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