Check Mikey Williams Puma Deal: Find More Details On His Contract, And Net Worth 2022!

Mikey Williams Puma Deal has surprised many people. If you want to know about this deal, kindly check out this post below.

Have you heard of the Puma Brand? It is one of the most popular brands dealing in apparel and shoes. In many countries like the United States, the brand endorses the product and signs contracts with famous personalities for product launches. Mikey Williams Puma Deal might have surprised you as the contract was made with a teen who is still pursuing his studies in High School.

Kindly read this post to learn about this deal.

Puma Deals With Mikey

Mikey is a 5-star prospect in the basketball recruiting class of 2023. He has signed a deal with Puma to launch their products. It is a multiyear endorsement project where he has agreed to Puma’s product launches and future campaigns. He has been selected as he has a good fan following among young personalities. He is honoured to sign such big projects with such famous brands.

Mikey Williams Net Worth 2022

Mikey is a young basketball player who plays for the American Basketball League. He has a monthly income of more than $20,000. As per online sources, his net worth stands out to be $7 million. He has been popular on social media platforms like Instagram, with a 3.7 million fan following. He is now endorsing a brand, Puma, with whom he has signed a Multiyear Endorsement contract. If we talk about his asset collection, currently, he does not own a car, as it is believed that he never gives importance to materialistic goods. He has also won many games in High School competitions.

Mikey Williams Puma Contract

As per the reports, Mikey signed this deal on Thursday. He has become the youngest person to contract with a famous apparel company, Puma. There are not many details about this contract online, but it is a Multiyear Endorsement contract. But, the signing amount has not been highlighted yet. We will update our readers once every piece of information is disclosed.

About Mikey Williams

Mikey Williams is a young American high school basketball player who plays for San Ysidro. He belongs to San Diego but moved to North Carolina sometime. As per Mikey Williams Puma Deal, we found that he is currently residing in his native place. He was born on June 26, 2004. He is a young Basketball Player of six feet two inches in height and weight around 84 KGs. He is likely to be drafted into the NBA very soon. He has good popularity on social media also.

Final Summary

Summarizing this post, we have talked about Mikey’s net worth  and his latest contract with Puma. But, there are not many details found on this contract online. We will let you know as soon as the signing amount is published.

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