Maywood Police Suicide: How The Department Officer Killed Or Did Cop Commit Suicide? Reveal Truth Now!

The sound of Maywood Police Suicide reaches numerous people through the social platform. Check the reason for his death and grab other accompanied details.

Did you go through the recent suicidal news? Maywood city police had committed suicide which became sensational among the public in the United StatesDo you want to know the reason for this severe decision by the police? Who was he? Was he involved in law enforcement?

People are curious to get the answer to all these queries. We understand the need for genuine evidence for Maywood Police Suicide reports. Read further and get the answer to the reports.


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Suicidal reports of Maywood police?

Sergent Jason Liaban died by shooting himself around 2:30 am on 30th March 2023. His death was unpredictable by the officials. This apparent suicide happened at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Some experts say the incident is an issue for the law enforcement community. However, the Maywood Police Department did not react to these statements. Hence, there is no confirmation regarding the reason for St. Jason Liaban’s suicide.

Does Liaban’s death have any criminal involvement?

People at the sight of the incident report stated some crucial facts. Liaban seems to be accompanied to the emergency room by the Maywood police captain, who Liaban previously disclosed.

Before entering the bathroom, his service weapon was collected by security, and gave Liaban privacy. Suddenly a gunshot came, and Maywood Police Officer Killed; reports spread across.

Police confirm no foul play involvement and strike off the criminal involvement. Though, investigations for certain evidence are on.

Social media on Jason Laiban

Jason Laiban’s suicide shocked many people and flooded their grief on social media like Twitter. People claimed that an internal struggle urged Laiban to take up this harsh decision. Many of his friends posted about his grief and stated that he was a strong cop, a model father, and a family man.

Maywood Cop Suicide shocked many, and people started looking for his records as a cop. So, we bought some pointers through our research.

Records of St Jason Laiban

St. Jason Laiban is pronounced a hardworking and honest cop by his colleagues. To match this statement, we found some supporting records. Town records of the Maywood police department show that in 2021, St. Jason Laiban acquired two admirals for his excellence in his police profession. 

His colleague mentions that he is a man with a helping nature who helped an elderly woman with a stroke. He even prevents another woman from taking her own life. Therefore, Maywood Police Suicide is unbelievable but true to digest. 

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The Maywood police department is upset about their colleague’s death. The investigation is still progressing. Social media users are looking for the cause of the sergeant’s death. However, the exact cause of St. Jason Laiban’s suicide is unknown. 

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Maywood Police Suicide–FAQ

Q1. Why did Jason Laiban die?


Q2. What is the age of Jason Laiban? 

39 years old.

Q3. Where did Jason Laiban stay? 

No information is gathered regarding his residing

Q4. Who are all in his family?

His wife and daughter accompany him.

Q5. When will his funeral be held?

There are no reports regarding his funeral dates.

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