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Do you want to know about two Edmonton police officers? Are you eager to know about their death? If so, read this article till the end. The death of two police officer’s deaths have spread across Canadaand people are mourning their deaths. Everyone in the country is shocked by such an incident.

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How Were Officers Killed?

Two officers are known as Const. Travis Jordan and Const. Brett Ryan were shot dead when they went to respond to a family dispute at an apartment in Edmonton. Travis was 35 years old, and Ryan was 30 years old. People are mourning the loss of two potential officers. The Edmonton police department is also mourning losing two of its officers. Officers were shot by a man when they entered the building. Various reactions are coming from people across the country. People were shocked when they heard the news that Police Officers Killed in Edmonton.

Reactions of the People

Different people are sending different reactions to the murder of two officers. The Prime Minister has also reacted to the death of the officers. The Prime Minister says that police officers put their lives in danger to save the lives of the public. The recent incident reminds every one of the danger faced by police officers in giving protection and security to the people. The Prime Minister expressed his condolences to the bereaved families of the officers. Alberta’s Premier also expressed condolences after hearing the news of the death of two officers. Many other people are paying tribute to them.

Two Edmonton Police Officers Killed

There is not much information about the two officers. Only their names and ages have been disclosed. People are praising their courageous contribution to society. People also criticise the criminal who has committed the crime of killing two officers. They have sacrificed their lives to protect others. The young male who killed the officers has also died by self-inflicted gunshot. Many people are trying to know the reason for killing the officers. But no such reason has been disclosed so far. Edmonton Police Chief marked the incident as a horrific tragedy. The whole Edmonton police department was filled with tragedy when Two Edmonton Police Officers Killed.


This article aims to deliver the information. It does not intend to blame anyone.

Who Has Killed the Officers?

The people are eager to know about the person who has killed the police officers. But the person who killed the officers has also died of a self-inflicted gunshot. When two officers entered the building to respond to a family dispute, the person shot the officers. It has been suspected that police officers could not use their service weapons. Although the officers were brought to the hospital, they were declared dead. The entire police department expresses its deepest condolences during this tragic moment. Two Edmonton Police Officers Killed while doing their duties.

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The death of two police officers has left everyone in shock. A young male has killed them while delivering their responsibility. People are praising their sacrifices, and the Edmonton police department is also expressing its condolences. They are examples of other police officers. To know more, please visit the link 

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Two Edmonton Police Officers Killed-FAQs

Q1. How many officers were killed?


Q2. What are the names of the officers?

Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan.

Q3. How old was Travis Jordan?


Q4. How old was Brett Ryan?


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