Hugh Grant Scam: How Old Is Hugh Grant’s Wife? Also Check Information On His Age, And Children

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Hugh John Mungo Grant was born to Fynvola Susan MacLean, known as née Wickham and Captain James Murray Grant at Hammersmith, London, England. Hugh became famous Worldwide due to his acting skills gaining him a Golden Globe Award, British Academy Film Award, and an Honorary Cesar. His films crossed the 3 billion mark in 2018. 

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About Hugh Scam:

Hugh met actress Elizabeth Jane Hurley in 1987 while they were acting in Remando Al Viento. Soon both started dating and gained media attraction. Hugh solicited the services of Estella Marie Thompson, also known as Divine Brown, a Hollywood grownup worker in 1995. Hugh was arrested on 27th June 1995 near Sunset Boulevard, LA, California, for performing a physical relationship at a public place.

His arrest was made two weeks before the release of his film – Nine Months, and Hugh was promoting the film on a TV show popular for colossal View. During the interview, Hugh was questioned – what the hell was he thinking? It regarded the recent incident. Hugh did not make any excuse and said that he knows that there are good and bad things in life and that he had done a bad thing.


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In 1995, Hugh and Hurley were still together. They finally separated in 2000, but Hugh became the father of Hurley’s son in 2002, which suggests they were still in a relationship. In September 2011, Hugh had a daughter – Jing Xi, due to his relationship with Tinglan Hong. Hugh’s Age is 62 years, 6 months, and 8 days as of writing.

In September 2012, he had a son due to his relationship with Anna Eberstein. In 2012, Hugh and Hong reunited and had a son – Felix, in December 2012. In 2015, Hugh reunited with Eberstein, who gave birth to his daughter. 

In March 2018, a daughter was born to Hugh and Eberstein, after which they married in May 2018. He presented Eberstein and Hong multi-million dollar houses. 

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Hugh’s scam is all about how he took care of Hong, Eberstein, and Elizabeth and still dared to solicit the services of Divine Brown. Hugh has five Children. He said that he cheated on Eberstein as he was in a bad mood. Hugh had married Eberstein for a selfish reason as they felt marriage was a nice thing to do as they had children.

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Hugh Grant Scam – FAQ

1Q. What was the controversy about an article published in Today, a newspaper?

Today falsely claimed that Hugh had verbally assaulted a young extra on the film set. In 1996, Hugh won the case.

2Q. What was the controversy about an article published in the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday?

Both newspapers published frictional and false articles about Hugh’s life and girlfriends.

3Q. What was Hugh’s phone taping instance about?

Hugh published an article in the New Statesman – The Bugger, Bugged, claiming that the Daily Mail and News of the World had ordered illegal phone taping and high-level politicians were also involved.

4Q. How Old Is Hugh Grant Wife, Anna Eberstein?

Born on 15th/February/1983 in Sweden, Anna Eberstein is 40 years, 1 month, and 2 days old. 

5Q. How was Hugh penalized for soliciting the services of Hollywood grownup worker Divine Brown?

Hugh was fined $1,180, ordered to complete an AIDS education program, and placed on summary probation for the next two years.

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