[Latest News] Richard Wilkins Scam: What Did Richard Wilkins Say? Check Full Information On Richard Wilkins Son Dress Style

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Richard Wilkins Scam and learn about its authenticity and plot.

Richard Wilkins is a television and radio presenter and entertainment reporter at Nine network in Australia. Born on 19th June 1954, Richard is 68 years, 8 months, and 24 days old. He has a rich experience of 30+ years working as a news reader. 

Did you know that recently, news involving Richard circulated on the internet? As Richard is an influential and famous media personality, people believed what was said about the Richard Wilkins Scam.

About a new scam involving Richard:

Richard’s name was dragged into social media posts, unauthentic news, and knowledge-based websites. The scam is about Richard revealing the secret of becoming a millionaire within three to four months. Please note that there was no official interview traced (or) any video footage regarding Richard saying such a secret.

However, the posts were shared on the internet, which said Richard uses – Immediate Connect™ platform for investment in cryptocurrency, which promises 10,000% returns on investments even for small investors in these times when the crypto market is witnessing crises. But, What Did Richard Wilkins Say?

The articles said that Richard showed the performance of his funds on Immediate Connect on his mobile phone and urged Australians to take advantage of the opportunities before banks regulate the loophole. The article also showed how other billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett used the same loopholes to increase their wealth. The article also showed pictures of conman people who had invested in Immediate Connect™ to earn millions.

Exposing the plot of Richard scam:

The latest post dragging Richard’s name in a cryptocurrency scam was published on 10th March 2023 and made it to Reddit on 13th March 2023. The Richard Wilkins Scam created urgency among the viewers to deposit US$250.00 immediately to get a lifetime membership (a limited-time offer for first 1K users) and to activate their accounts. 

The posts also included testimonials of an investor who invested £200.00 and earned £11,000.00. But, please note that similar scams circulated in the past and used the name of wealthy personalities, including Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Azim Premji, Richard Branson, Priyanka Chopra, Etc. But, in the past, such news was a money trap.

Immediate Connect™ website gained a terrible 1% trust score, Richard Wilkins Scam website – Immediate Connect gained a Zero business and Alexa ranking, a 100% suspicion score, 61% phishing, and 75% threat and malware scores. Hence, Immediate Connect™ is a scam.

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News and social media posts using Richard Wilkins’s name made all possible attempts to manipulate innocent investors and created an urgency for payments. Such scamming articles used the picture and names of famous business tycoons, convincing people that a common person can earn millions in three to four months. But, Richard’s interview or video related to Immediate Connect is not present.

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Richard Wilkins Scam – FAQ

Q1. Is Immediate Connect website trustworthy?

No, TrendMicro (an anti-virus and anti-malware provider) does not trust Immediate Connect website. Further, the registrar of the website is popular among scammers.

Richard did not comment about fake news circulating on the internet, which is misusing his name. His recent comments on 13th March 2023 were related to his feature at Nine network as Brooke Boney is considered as a new star, and Alex Cullen was pushed to a smaller role.

Q2. Why is Christian Wilkins so popular?

Christian, Richard’s son, accepted that he is not straight. Richard Wilkins Son Dress style challenges gender norms and creates a sense of acceptance among others.

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