[Updated] Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real: Details On Video Part 2, Full Video Link Download

In this article, we provided details on Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real or fake? And also delivered the Kulhad Pizza’s Viral Video Part 2 link.

Do you know Kulhad Pizza? Which video of kulhad pizza gone viral? A few months before, a couple from India living in Jalandhar video went viral. The video became also viral in Canada and other countries because of the couple’s unique Kulhad pizza. Continue reading the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real article for interesting information about the video.

Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real 

A few months before, the couple from Jalandhar started making unique videos. They thought the special video helped them to gain popularity on social media. So they started making Kulhad pizza. 

In 2022, the newly married couple made the kulhad pizza. You can get the Kulhad Pizza Video Viral Full Link in the below section. After the food bloggers visited their food stalls they gained popularity.

Is Viral Video real?

The unique method of pizza preparation attracted the viewers and viral on social media. After gaining popularity, the couple shifted from a small food stall to a restaurant. Want to know why the video became controversial?  

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Download

The Jalandhar couple is running the food business of Kulhad Pizza. Recently, the Kulhad Pizza couple’s viral video was shared on social media. In that video, the couple was in an aggressive position. The couple Gurpreet Kaur and Sehaj Arora belong to Jalandhar city. Get the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Watch Link in the upcoming part of the article.

The couple stated that the video was not real. It was fake. They also mentioned that it may be the conspiracy of competitors. They may share such videos to spoil their reputation from followers and supporters. 

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Who is the Kulhad pizza couple? 

The pizza couple stated that Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Part 2 is fake. The video was shared to spoil their growth in society. The pizza couple’s name is Gurpreet Kaur, and Sehaj Arora is well known for the unique business of making Kulhad pizza. 

Recently, their bad rated video shared on social media became controversial. The couple mentioned that the video was fake and it was AI generated video. Watch the Kulhad Pizza Video Viral Full Linkwhich was shared in the article below. 

Kulhad Pizza Viral Video

On Wednesday, the Kulhad pizza couple’s controversial video trended on Instagram and other social media networks. The couple received some threatening messages on their Instagram. So, they filed an FIR against the message and video. Get detailed information related to the controversial video from Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Download

Sehaj Arora states that the private video leaked on social media is Fake. They filed an FIR against the video and the blackmail message at Jalandhar’s Thana Number 4. The fake video is trending on the internet quickly. Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Part 2 is the couple’s second controversial topic in social media.

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The couple from Jalandhar city is well known for making unique Kulhad pizza. Recently, the couple’s private video shared on Instagram became controversial. It may spoil their reputation. Click for the Kulkand Pizza Couple Video updates.

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