[Updated] Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Mms: Check Details On Viral Video Download Link

The page gives details on Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Mms, the Viral Video of the couple, and the Link that is on online platforms.         


Do you know about the Gurpreet and Sehaj video that is trending on online platforms? Who are the people in the video? Are the people in the video changed via AI? Is the video fake? People from India and Canada are sharing their thoughts in the online media. Know more details on the couple by reading Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Mms.         

Details On Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Mms

Disputes have risen over the Kulhad Pizza couple’s leak footage since it was posted on social media. The duo’s viral clip did get a lot of interest on social media. The fact that the film was made shortly after their marriage. The information presented in the Sehaj Arora Gurpreet Kaur viral video sparked a lot of discussion on online forums. The public on social media has begun posting their reactions. The duo from Kulhad Pizza’s scandalous video is popular online. Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Video Download has been buzzing with regard to the video.

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What was in the video?

The Gurpreet MMS clip has received a lot of media coverage recently. The film shows the couple’s footage that is popular on social media. According to reports, the video was shot shortly after their marriage. The Sehaj Arora Gurpreet Kaur Viral Video contains explicit material and documents the couple’s private moments. The women in the viral video are seen carrying red wedding rings. The couple is from the Punjabi city of Jalandhar. The man’s face becomes fuzzy and difficult to see in the Gurpreet Kaur Kulhad Pizza viral video, while the lady plays the lead and seems to be still intoxicated. The footage was on social media contained mature material.

Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Video Download

The couple reportedly released a viral clip that has been rising on a number of online platforms. The co-owners of Kulhad Pizza Couple, Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, said in an announcement that the clip was a hoax and that AI was utilized to alter their faces. 

He further asserted that as a result of supposed intimate film incidents, they were getting threats on their public internet accounts. The FIR was also lodged, per Gurpreet, in Jalandhar at Thana Number 4. He is pleading with the people to stay away from watching or sharing the film since it is harming their public image. 

Sehaj Arora Gurpreet Kaur Video Link

For people who are unaware, Jalandhar residents Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur were married, and they began a food stall, and it was named Kulhad Pizza Couple. The pair gained widespread exposure after a food YouTuber posted about their firm on Instagram.

Everything was going as usual on September 7 when both of them got a text message from Instagram. The couple were reportedly threatened in a text communication, and the girl demanded money to get the footage deleted. Additionally, a bank account number was disclosed in order to transfer the funds. Investigation revealed that it belonged to the female who was arrested.

Sehaj Arora Gurpreet Kaur Video Link is explained in the article.

The page does not provide any invalid data. The link to the video is not mentioned in the article due to the explicit content.


As per online sources, Sehaj filed a complaint against the person who threatened them through online platforms. The couple mentioned that they are not the person who is in the video, and it is done through AI. Police arrested the lady, and the case is under investigation. Know more details on the couple online.


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