Kemper Durand Attorney Kidnapped: Read on Memphis Missing Woman & Kidnapping, Check Fletcher Kidnapping Video!

The news highlights all the essential details of the Kemper Durand Attorney Kidnapped, which was seen by the officials trying to find the woman.

Have you come across the news of Kemper Durand? Do you know why he is in the news again? People from the United States is in a shock to know the news of the missing kindergarten teacher, Eliza Fletcher, while she was jogging on 2nd September 2022. She had not been found after that particular day, and people eagerly wanted to know the news about whether she had been found or not. Stay tuned to this article to know all the details of Kemper Durand Attorney Kidnapped.

What is the news?

In 2000, Kemper Durand was seen in the reports as he was under a gunman at his gunpoint and was forcibly taken to the store and he was asked to take out all the money from his bank account through the ATM machine. 

However, Kemper managed to save himself and that time, after seeing a police incharge, he yelled at him, and the suspect fled from the crime scene. The same year, the suspect, Cleotha Abston, was held under arrest for abducting Durand. Read on more to find the complete details about the incident.

Essential points on Kemper Durand Kidnapping

  • The suspect was arrested in 2000 in the case of abducting attorney Durand but was released in the year 2020 in July.
  • According to the law, if abducting is done using a weapon or charging a ransom or done for a hostage and if the victims suffer any injury, it is considered a severe offence.
  • Abston was arrested on Saturday for kidnapping the kindergarten teacher and tempering with the evidence. Eliza has two kids and she has not been found since Friday, and no details have been found.

More Details on Attorney Kidnapped

With the help of the surveillance camera and Fletcher Kidnapping Video, it was found that Eliza was forcefully taken into an SUV, and the details helped the police under-husband identify the man, Cleotha Abston. Police are investigating the matter and are trying to find out Eliza in every way possible. People are looking for a police enquiry to know whether the woman is still missing or if the location has been traced.

We also learned that Kemper died in February 2013 because of the flu, and as his sons describe, he died sitting on a chair beside the fireplace in his home. The details are gathered from the online news and evidence about the incident relating to  Kemper Durand Memphis. 

Shockingly, Eliza Fletcher has not been found yet, and those unaware of the news can find the complete information here of Kidnap


The police arrest Cleotha Abston for the aggravated kidnapping of the kindergarten teacher, a mother of two, and he is the same person who abducted Kemper Durand. The officials have not found her yet, and the suspect has now reached Abston’s brother, who is also considered a major criminal in this case. What are your views on Missing Memphis Woman? Comment below.

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