[Full Original Video] Kemberly Achas Cctv Video: Are Leach Death Photos Available? Check Here Now!

The Kemberly Achas Cctv Video reveals the brutal violence held against the young girl. Reveal the facts regarding her death here.

Do you know Kemberly Achas? Who is she? What video is trending on social platforms? It was a brutal incident that took place for this aspiring student. People from the Philippines demand more clarity on the case. 

The death of this student increased the anger of the public. Therefore, the public on social platforms gained attention after watching the Kemberly Achas Cctv VideoPlease read below for more details about the cause of her death.

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What was the CCTV footage about?

All online sources got instant circulation of a CCTV video showing a man hitting a woman violently. After a certain investigation, the man in the footage was identified as Edson Campo Jaimsula. 

The woman seen in the footage was recognized as Kemberly Achas. Edson and Kemberly were live partners residing in Don Carlos town, Purok.

Kemberly Achas Photos 

Kemberly Achas was seen brutally hit by her live-in partner, and after hospitalization, she was pronounced dead. The photos circulated on social media went viral on 11th March 2023. 

It was hurtful to see the brutal injury of the girl. Citizens were outraged watching the scene of the incident.

The officials confirmed that the incident occurred on the 9th of March, 2023, at 3:10 pm in their residence at Don Carlos Town. 

Info about the trending Kimberly Leach Death

Due to the similarity of names between Kimberly Achas and Kimberly Leach, people are looking for more details about them. 

Our investigation found that Kimberly Leach was a young girl who died in April 1978. She, too, was the victim of brutality and violence. She was just a 12-year-old kid who faced violence and got killed. Her body was found dumped by the officials of that time in a wooden area.

Kemberly Achas Cctv Video diverted the attention on this old violent case again. Let us look into some personal information of Kimberly Achas and Edson Campo Jaimsula. 

About Kimberly Achas and Edson Campo Jaimsula

Upon research, it was found that Kimberly Achas was a 22-year-old third-year student, and Edson Campo Jaimsula was a 27-year-old young man. They lived together in a live-in relationship and had a 9-month-old infant. 

The violence that urges brutality between Kemberly Achas and Edson

Investigators confirmed that the incident happened due to a heated argument between Kemberly Achas and Edson. The argument started when Edson refused Kemberly to breastfeed their kid.

Kemberly Achas Cctv Video are still circulating in the social platform and have pursued massive haters.

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The Kemberly Achas incident stunned many people worldwide. People want such brutal incidents to stop at the earliest. 

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Kemberly Achas Cctv Video–FAQs

Q1. Is Edson arrested? 

Yes, he got imprisoned immediately. 

Q2. Where is Edson imprisoned? 

At the detention center of Don Carlos Municipal police station.

Q3. Is there any family information about both Edson and Kimberly?

No, there is no information about their family. 

Q4. How do the police get to know about the incident? 

The neighbors informed the police upon hearing the enormous noise of arguing from their residence. 

Q5. What do the police discover?

After getting the information, police immediately attended the site and found that Kimberley Achas were tied to a plastic chair and were repeatedly struck with a damaged glass bottle. 

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