[Full Original Video] 3 Girl 1 Kitten Real Video: What They All Are Doing With One Cat? Check Now Here!

The Write-up below informs about the 3 Girl 1 Kitten Real Video. We discussed their police custody and the different opinions of the people in this video.

Are the girls’ and kitten videos real? Recently people have come across a video and seem to be in a rage after watching the video. People from Australia, United Kingdom, United States are willing to know what was in the video which made public this furious,

We have brought you this article to explain the video briefly, so keep up until the last to know about the 3 Girl 1 Kitten Real Video.

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What is in the 3 girls and 1 Kitten video?

The video covers 3 girls playing with a kitten, but that is not it. They were throwing a kitten in the air and then catching it. It was a fun activity for them, and they were laughing and enjoying playing with the cat. 

But when the video was posted on social media platforms, people pointed out that it was not the right way to play with it, and the video looked like Animal abuse.

Where was the 3 Girls One Kitten Video posted?

First, the video was posted on TikTok, and from there, it reached many social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. When people saw this video on the feed, some people enjoyed it as girls playing with kittens seemed cute to them.

However, some people commented that the kitten is not having fun, and the video is disturbing how girls see that kitten as a toy and throwing up even a small mistake can hurt that kitten.

Who are the girls in the 3 Girls One Kitten Video?

As this video was not limited to one profile and was shared on many platforms with many profiles, now it is hard to remember who posted this video first in TikTok, and through it, 3 girls could have been identified.

Apart from their unidentified names, they all seem young and not adults. They made this video for fun and shared it among some friend groups, leading to the viral video.

Were police arrested 3 Girls One Kitten Video makers?

This is a hot topic to comment on, and some people claimed that police took all the 3 girls into custody and will take some action on their inappropriate behavior. But there is no official news about it; all of it is just claims.

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The final verdict

3 girls were throwing a kitten in the air as their game of fun which made this video viral. Official information on their police custody is not confirmed yet.

Do you think the girls were aware that they were hurting the kitten? Please share your views on this write-up in the comment section below.

3 Girls One Kitten Video (FAQs)

1-What was the girls’ intention in the video?

A- It seems they were trying to have fun with the kitten, but it backfired them.

2-Who recorded the video?

A- They might have recorded the video by themselves.

3- Are they abusing the kitten?

A- They tried to play with it, but it seemed like it happened because they were not aware of hurting the kitten that way.

4-Was 3 Girls One Kitten Video got only hate?

A-No, some people find videos fun and cute.

5-Was the video uploaded on Telegram?

A- Yes.

6- How many Telegram channels uploaded that video link?

A- One.

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