Joshua P. Groban Political Party: Explore Details On Candidate For Retention Elections!

Read the complete analysis unavailable elsewhere about Joshua P. Groban Political Party and the current partial results of Associate Justice.

Did you know that Joshua P. Groban will retire on 1st-January-2023? Did you know that he had already filed for retention in the California Supreme Court, as the election was scheduled for 8th-November-2022? Did you know that early voting results were in the United States? Who is in the lead as Associate Justice?

Let’s analyze the contributions of Joshua and Joshua P. Groban Political Party support in this article.

A brief look at Joshua Groban’s Political Party:

Joshua is an associate justice and an attorney at the Supreme Court of California. He had the strong support of Democrats. The final results of the November-2022 elections will get certified by 16th-December-2022. As of 9th-November-2022 at 2:00 AM PST, 19,035 partial reporting are done out of 25,554, which indicates 74.5% precincts reporting. 

The initial and undeclared results of November-2022 election are listed below:

Associate Justice Names Yes votes No votes Yes votes % No votes %
Martin J. Jenkins 2,887,543 1,253,085 69.70% 30.30%
Goodwin Liu 2,922,267 1,285,199 69.50% 30.50%
Joshua P. Groban 2,831,459 1,282,602 68.80% 31.20%

About Joshua P. Groban Political Party:

Considering the above data, it is clear that Martin is leading in the Associate Justice election. But, there is a thin margin of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ votes between Martin, Goodwin, and Joshua. However, Joshua remained at the bottom of the list.

It must be noted that the president or the governor appoints judges. The political party to which the president or the governor belongs is a strong indicator of the philosophy of judges. Since 1960, the Republican party has been considered conservative, and the Democrat party is liberal. Hence, the style of government conduct is influenced by the appointment of judges.

In America, to date, Joshua P. Groban Political Party – Democrats appointed three judges, and Republicans appointed six. Governor Jerry Brown from Democrats appointed Joshua. Joshua’s administration advised Jerry on the appointment of more than 600 judicial officers. Joshua has also been involved in advertising Jerry on high-profile policies and litigations.

The atmosphere is so intense and planned that several judges plan their retirement based on the upcoming elections and the appointment of governors and the president. Jerry is serving as a governor for four terms and with successful 34 years of political career in five elective offices and a member of Joshua P. Groban Political Party – The Democrat. 

By now, you may have understood that appointing key posts in the Supreme Court is critical as the associate justice and judges will profoundly influence government policies and lawmaking. 

Therefore, the information on Joshua’s political party is analyzed based on the political party that strongly supports him and also based on his contribution to the political party. Officially Joshua only contributed $200 to Democrat. He was registered as a Democrat before 2020.

After Joshua was appointed Associate Justice, he served as Senior Legal Advisor to Jerry and as a legal counsel for Joshua P. Groban Political Party governor Jerry’s gubernatorial campaign. Hence, Democrats strongly support Joshua for retaining as Associate Justice.

Social media links:

Joshua Paul Groban’s account is not present on social media.


Joshua will be retiring as an Associate Justice next year in January. However, he may continue as an attorney. But, to retain his position, Joshua had filed for reelection. The elections for the post of Associate Justice were held on 8th-November, and partial results were featured. Joshua is in the third position in the election, preceded by Goodwin and Martin.

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Joshua P. Groban Political Party – FAQ:

1Q. Are the full voting results of Associate Justice rolled out?

No. The full results are expected by December due to mail-in votes arriving slowly.

2Q. When will the final results of the Associate Justice elections certify?

The final voting results will be certified on 16th-December-2022.

3Q. Who is leading Associate Justice elections?

Martin J. Jenkins is at the number one position with 2,887,543 ‘Yes’ votes.

4Q. What is the status of Joshua in Associate Justice elections?

Partial results show Joshua Paul Groban in the third position with 2,831,459 ‘Yes’ votes.

5Q. How much difference is Martin ahead of Joshua P. Groban Political Party?

Martin has 56084 more votes than Joshua and is ahead by a thin margin of 0.9%.

6Q. By how many ‘No’ votes is Martin ahead of Joshua?

Joshua had 29517 more ‘No’ votes than Martin, again a thin margin of 0.9%.

7Q. When will the Associate Justice get appointed to the office?

In January-2023.

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