Jorge Labarga Democrat: Explore His Life, And Career In Supreme Court

This post on Jorge Labarga Democrat will guide you about the position of Jorge Labarga in the Supreme Court of Florida.

Are you updated with the elections of the supreme court in Florida? The justice of the Supreme Court, Labarga is a candidate in these elections for the justice post of SC. The citizens in the United States are trying to keep themselves updated with Jorge Labarga Democrat and if he will win the election this year after serving a long term in SC. So, kindly stay updated with us to know about Jorge Labarga.

Jorge Labarga: A Democrat

Jorge is serving as the justice in the Supreme Court since January 2, 2009. He took office and spent 13 years in the justice room. Now, his tenure is expiring on January 2, 2023. So, he is reappearing in the elections held on November 8, 2022. His fans and the citizens are desperately waiting for the results. Will he rule the courtroom again?

Latest Update on Jorge Labarga Democrat

Recently, the elections were held on November 8, 2022, for the district court of appeal. Many candidates stood in the elections for different posts on the District Court Of Appeal. Jorge Labarga is serving the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Florida. Labarga took office on January 6, 2009, after his appointment on January 2, 2009. His current tenure is about to expire for which the elections are being held. He was then elected on June 30, 2014. After that, he got elected on July 1, 2018, and he was succeeded by Charles T. Canady. 

Early Life Details: Jorge Labarga Democrat 

Labarga was born in 1952 in Havana, Cuba. He was born to Jorge Labarga Sr. and Miriam. He finished his graduation in 1972 from the school in West Palm Beach, Forest High Hill School. He completed his Bachelor of Arts from Gainesville, the University of Florida in 1976. Further, he joined a school of law where he gained his Juris Doctor in 1979. He served as an assistant public defender. Moreover, in 1982, he was the part of state attorney’s office. Lawton Chiles, the Governor, appointed him as the court judge. His early life details show that he had been a hard-working man.

Judicial Career

  • Jorge Labarga Democrat has served as a judge of the supreme court from 1996 to 2009 in Palm Beach County. 
  • He was a person who refused fresh county votes with the thought that the elections must be held on the same day everywhere in the US and not just at a single place during Us Presidential Election 2000. 
  • Before being appointed to Florida Supreme Court, he was elected to the 4th District Court of Appeal by Charlie Crist, Governor. 
  • He replaced Ricky Polston, former chief justice, in 2014 and became the 56th chief justice of Florida’s Supreme Court.

Has Jorge Won The Election?

Jorge Labarga Democrat has not won the election. The votes are still being tallied by the county. People must wait for some more time to know the new chief justice and judge of the district court of appeal. 

You can follow the results of the election on various online channels or news channels. Also, we will let you know once the results are out.


We have provided all updates on the elections and Jorge Labarga. You can follow the updates on the YouTube Channels

Who will become the new chief justice of the Supreme Court? Can you make any guesses? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jorge Labarga Democrat: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When was Jorge Labarga born?

Ans. Jorge Labarga was born in 1952.

Q.2 What is the position of Jorge Labarga?

Ans. Jorge Labarga is serving as the judge of the Supreme Court in Florida.

Q.3 When is his tenure expiring?

Ans. His tenure will expire on January 2, 2023.

Q.4 When was he first appointed to the District Court Of Appeal?

Ans. He was appointed on January 2, 2009, and took office on January 6, 2009.

Q.5 Is Jorge Labarga married?

Ans. Yes, he is married to Zulma R. Labarga.

Q.6 Has Jorge Labarga Democrat won the 2022 elections?

Ans. The results of the election are not out now. The County is still tallying the votes and the results will be out soon.

Q.7 Does Jorge Labarga have any kids?

Ans. Yes, Jorge has two daughters: Caroline and Stephanie

Q.8 What is the net worth of Jorge Morgan?

Ans. His net worth is USD 5.53 Million.

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