Is tmobilesettlement Com Scam: Explore Facts To Decided Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit!

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Nowadays, T-Mobile data breach settlement is what everyone is talking about, and they look forward to their claim form to get compensation. T-Mobile had to accept that offer as the data of customers got hacked. 

Do you want to know about the T-Mobile settlement? Are you aware of the Kroll settlement administration? Do you know this news is circulating over the United States? Stick to this article about Is tmobilesettlement com scam till the end to know about it.

What is T-Mobile settlement?

1 Settlement for T-Mobile users

Settlement for California residents



2 Contact number 1-833-512-2314
3 Email address
4 Mail address T-Mobile data breach settlement administration LLC P.O 225391 New York
5 Final settlement hearing 20 January 2023

T-Mobile settlement compensation will be given by the company to the people affected by the data breach, which is legit. It was not known how many people got affected by the data exposure to hackers, but the estimated count is around 77 million. 

People often ask about Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit. So, yes, it is legit, and the company is going to give compensation to the affected people. Now, you might be wondering what Kroll is. So, Kroll handles the settlement case and provides expertise, and you can check this link to know about it. In this link you will came to know about Kroll.

The final hearing about the final settlement will be in the court by the next year on January 20.

Is tmobilesettlement com scam- is T-Mobile legit or a scam?

T-Mobile is a legit company in the U.S. dealing with data service, voice, and messaging owner of the website Deutsche Telekom. The trust score of the company is 99%. The website is quite popular, too, having a good global rank of 1041. The website’s domain was created on 13 January 2000, which is trustable.


T-Mobile settlement is legit, and the company provides compensation to around 77 million affected people. Read this till the end to know about tmobilesettlement com. For more information about the settlement, click on this link.

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Is tmobilesettlement com scam : FAQs:

1 – Is tmobilesettlement com scam?


2 – Who is the T-Mobile owner?

Deutsche Telekom

3 –  What is the compensation amount for users?

$25 for users and $100 for California residents.

4 – How many people were affected by the breach?

Around 77 million.

5 – Is T-Mobile legit?


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