Hurdle Music Game App (March) Guess The Song And Play!

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Have you heard about games like Wordle with a twist? Do you know what this twist can be? Do you know about the music-based game? If the answer is NO, then do give a read to get the answers.

Currently, people in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia are searching for a wordle-like music-based game called Hurdle Music Game App. Actually, the music-based game is “Heardle,” not “Hurdle”. Let us follow up in detail to get the required information.

What is Heardle Game?

It is a music guessing game like Wordle, where the words are guessed. Here you can guess the music by either using hints or without using hints. You will get six chances to guess the music correctly. The music by famous artists is used randomly. 

Why the Heardle Game is Trending?

The games like Wordle have become a sensation. The games like Heardle, which is music-based, offer a twist to players. It is being widely searchable by music lovers. People who want to play this game are looking for Hurdle Music Game App. 

Heardle #24 is also trending due to its difficulty. Here is the hint to the Heardle #24.

  • Single by Wizkid
  • From the album Made in [blank]
  • Released in April 2021.
  • Genre – Afrobeats | R & B

Different Games with Name “Hurdle”

When we search on the internet, we get different games named “Hurdle”. Here are a few of them:

A word game “Hurdle”: It is similar to Wordle, where you have to guess five letter words correctly in six attempts. With each attempt, the tile color shows you how close you were to answer.

A racing game “Hurdle”: It is a racing game where you have to run and jump above obstacles to finish the game.

How to Play The Heardle

The Hurdle Music Game App official website is It is not an app, and it is an internet-based free game. After getting on the official website, follow the steps below to play the game. You will see six boxes representing six incorrect attempts.

First, listen to the intro and then you can either make an attempt or take the hint. You can also skip hints for which you will get additional music playtime to guess the music. You can repeat the second step six times till you get the correct answer or the game is over.

Players’ Reaction on Hurdle Music Game App

As per reactions on Twitter, a player has opined that it creates a division between old and young, which shows old ones are also playing the game. Some users say that they never miss the game. Heardle #24 is also trending among users due to a lack of clues.

The Bottom Line

The Heardle game is already a sensation among its users, with million followers within a week. Anyone who wants to play this game can search for Hurdle Music Game App to go to the official website. 

For more information on Heardle, you can refer here. 

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