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This article covers facts about Gabrielle Prescod LinkedIn to let visitors learn about a fashion enthusiast and check if the profile has recent facts or updates.

Is Gabrielle Prescode’s new style icon famous online? Have you checked information about Gabrielle on LinkedIn? Many online users from the United States and other places praise the style icon and fashion designer. 

Audiences can see firsthand how it feels to chill in the playground of the renowned and wealthy due to the diverse youth group in Gabrielle’s new show. Let us learn more about Gabrielle Prescod LinkedIn here.



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What does the LinkedIn profile of Gabrielle Prescod disclose?

Fashion market enthusiast and style icon Gabrielle Prescod is known for her beauty and original or contemporary fashion shoots. However, her real name is Gabby. She is in charge of the design direction and fashion industry. Also, she publishes weekly roundups of fashion trends.

Gabrielle’s LinkedIn profile indicates that she has 74 connections and is a Fashion director from New York, U.S. She attended Trinity College in Hartford and has 90 followers on her LinkedIn profile. Besides, she is the Fashion Market Editor and Style Lead for the Magazine Bustle.

Was Gabrielle a part of Summer House?

Some newcomers, such as Gabby Prescod, are preparing to join the Long Island’s Summer House crew and staff. Season 7 of Bravo’s favorite summertime program has a new ensemble due to the network’s casting decision. A lot of space is there for a few fresh faces after the exit of Alex Wach and Luke Gulbranson.  

What is the Summer show about?

Summer House has proven to be a massive success for Bravo since 2014. The show, which typically debuted during the chilly winter, revolves around many diligent New Yorkers from various backgrounds. 

Whereas Monday to Friday is about working to make money, the weekend focuses on relaxing since summer must be enjoyable. Viewers of the show are prepared to watch Gabby, and fans can finally meet the newcomers.

Professional details of Gabrielle Prescod:

The outgoing fashion editor hopes to make new acquaintances who share her interests. Her family is significant to her, and once her boyfriend deceived her a couple of years ago, Gabby significantly depended on them. She is presently free and prepared to meet people.

Cast of the show:

  • Amanda Batula
  • Carl Radke
  • Chris Leoni
  • Ciara Miller
  • Danielle Olivera
  • Gabby Prescod
  • Kyle Cooke
  • Lindsay Hubbard
  • Mya Allen
  • Paige Desorbo
  • Samanth Feher

Additional details of Gabrielle Presod:

Gabby and Danielle Prescod are best friends and sisters. They wanted to pursue creative professions when they were young and stayed in New York. That goal has recently become a reality for Danielle and Gabby, two fashion influencers. 

While Gabby has 9K followers, Danielle has more than 69K fan-following on Instagram. They serve as the Style Directors for Bustle and BET, respectively.

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Gabrielle, the style icon, was recently the talk of the town latest show, Summer-House. Her sister Danielle also features in the show, which has become popular on Bravo TV and other networks.

Did you watch Gabrielle’s latest show? Share how you rate Ganrielle’s character in the show.

Gabrielle Prescod LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1. Who is Gabrielle Prescod?

Gabrielle Prescod is a fashion icon and specialist.

Q2. How is Gabrielle often known?

She is often known as Gabby Prescod. 

Q3. Who is Gabrielle Prescod’s sister?

Danielle Olivera

Q4. What is Gabrielle Prescod’s Age?

32 years

Q4. Which is the recent show of Gabrielle Presod?

Summer House

Q5. Is Gabrielle’s sister featured in the show?


Q6. Is there recent information on Gabrielle Prescod LinkedIn?

Gabrielle Prescod’s recent information is not updated on her LinkedIn profile.

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